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When You Develop, Create, Partner & Innovate, Then The Results You Flaunt & Promote, To Make All, Have Total Recall

When You Develop, Create, Partner & Innovate, Then The Results You Flaunt & Promote, To Make All, Have Total Recall  
By Nick Ashton, CEO, Tracometry Group of Companies - The Home of CommSmart US

When you have a solid foundation, a full understand that communications, written, video, images and audible, 100% connectivity, with total security, for end to end data in motion with secure connection, then you have all today’s and tomorrow’s bases covered.  You have no fear to inform of the issues, solutions and resolution, then you can bring to all for a secure comfort zone.

CommSmart US has Total Recall!

The foundation of all is KEYTALK, the secure end to end data in motion with secure connection for all corporate data transference. 

It is the passion to succeed for all and to bring to market precise solutions under Total Recall:

  • KEYTALK, with secure anonymous and invisible connections.  Even in Public Wi-Fi Hotspots, using Device DNA, not passwords to connect.   More KEYTALK information
  • Action In Motion, full video, audio and image transference “live” from any Smart Mobile Phone, Tablet or Laptop.  GPS Location, Date, Time and Originator are stamped on the information that is being sent directly to the backend servers in real time. This is a full chain of custody for evidence purposes.  It is also shared “live” with other officers or individuals on scene. Nothing is left on the sending device whatsoever.  Uses range from, Law Enforcement, surveillance, private security, Enforcement Agencies (formerly Bailiffs), CSI collection, information on rallies, protests, DOT surveys, Emergency Management and the list goes on… Brochures:  Law Enforcement Broadband Connectivity   Fire/Rescue Broadband Connectivity -  More Action In Motion Information
  • DocUmatics, paperless operations using tablets for up-to-the-minute form filling, collection and transference of data and images.  SceneDoc is the CSI application already in use. More Information
  • Secure Comms BB.  Our full 100% connectivity for use in Public Safety vehicles or in the field.  Allowing full communications capability, including satellite.  This is available in four operational units, firm base, vehicle/mobile, military and transportable (briefcase).  Additionally, a full 1000 foot Wi-Fi Hotspot is there for usage by authorized devices, fully secured with KEYTALK.  Excellent for events, crime scene or mobile HQ.
  • 2G/3G radio modem
  •  CDMA radio modem
  •  2G/3G/4G radio modem
  •  WLAN 802.11 b/g/n
  • 10/100 FE
  •  USB connected devices
  • Supports a wide variety of wireless networks  and 2G/3G,CDMA, WiMAX, LTE, WLAN and Flash OFDM embedded mobile terminals. Brochure: CommSmart/GOODMILL v24e-S MultiChannel Router    -     More Information

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