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Anonymous Is Good!

Anonymous Is Good!
By Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO, Tracometry Group of Companies.

Invisible, anonymous, hidden and undetectable that is so exciting to be able to achieve that!  Hiding in the Dark side of the Web waiting to pounce on the unwitting, fragile and uninformed is not pretty and happens every single second of the day.

Having the most sophisticated software solutions that are ingenious in what they accomplish is useless, when they are open and in plain sight for all to see.

Those that do not wish to be seen for criminal or terroristic purposes is not cool and downright disgusting.  In the darkness are hiding hundreds and thousands of lowlifes who only want what you worked hard for and they want it for free!

The disgusting Hitchhikers on the side of the Internet Highway are not bothering to stand in plain sight and use their thumb to show they want a ride to your information. 

They hide behind Hacking, Phishing and Man in the Middle Brutal Attacks to take what is rightfully yours.  They may not attack you directly, they will attack the data silos of corporate America and the worldwide corporations.  Why?  Simply because we are useless at listening to what we must do to protect what is ours.  In fact, the majority believe that others have our 6 (our back) and really they do not!

CommSmart US’s suite of solutions has the pleasure of being protected by KEYTALK, secure communications for end to end data in motion.  Meaning all our clients are even Darker that Dark, when it comes to being secretive in its actions.

Today we must fight fire with fire,  blocking the morons who think they can have information that does not belong to them.  It does not stop there, M2M (machine to machine), that is devices talking to each other, which must be certified to make sure they are rightfully exchanging information is vital. 

Sadly the world of certificates took the lazy, expensive route and managerial nightmare to supposedly protect us all. 

Just because it is a machine, a CCTV system, an ATM, VOIP (Voice Over IP) telephone system or a satellite/cable television box sitting next to your Smart TV, they talk to other machines, they are connected and accessible by dubious characters.

The world of long term certificates is why KEYTALK was created.  It is effective, simply to install and managerial into only a couple of hours of maintenance per year.  That was twenty years ago and like Timex watches, we keep on safely ticking!

Passwords have been with us since the beginning of time and it has been the main method to secretly enter a myriad of locked secrets.  Even in the prohibition days at the Speak-Easy, the slot in the door would open and you gave the password of the night to gain entry.

Today, we have so many passwords to remember, that some even write them down, place them in their wallet or pocket book.  Or, heaven forbid, in a file on their computer, smart mobile phone or tablet!

The computer, that is what a smart mobile phone or tablet is, a computer, you have been indoctrinated to use a password to secure your precious information, the guarded secrets of you inner world.  So why do you share them with family members, business associates and even put them on a notice board?

Passwords have gone beyond being secure and the human element stepped in decades ago.  Yes, humans, you and I, are forgetful beasts and dumb in many ways in our actions. 

Time to dump the password!  I mean dump, get rid of, never use again.  Now that would be one bad headache to remove.

I know you are panicking and wondering how you are going to lock your information away from prying eyes.  Simple, just like keylocks have now moved into the computer age, we shall use something electronic.  A digital lock, you know, the one where you have a key pad and you type in your passw..., wait a minute, we just came full circle and have forgotten to dump the physical password system and…

No, there is another, proven method, Device DNA!  Not new, but solid and you are wondering why you have never heard of it!   Simple question and an even simpler answer, reason is, we are stuck in traditional ways that have been programmed over the decades, if not centuries. 

Corporations use passwords and you know what we have already stated about those!  They also use tokens which generate certificates to gain access to the corporate database and all the wondrous company treasure, electronically stored. 

Secured by a password!

Corporate use of Device DNA is the answer and has been in use for decades by some of the largest corporations in the world and they do not advertise that they do so. 

With KEYTALK, you are using an anonymous, invisible bullet resistant tube to connection both ends and allow secure data in motion.

If you wish to know more, then you have to ask.  Then, when you simply understand that all your fears and worries regarding using any device (BYOD) is not an issue anymore, you will be a user of Device DNA.  Inexpensive, secure and you will breathe easier at night, as will your IT Department.

You have just read above, why CommSmart US is here.  It is the passion to succeed for all and to bring to market precise solutions under Total Recall:

  •  KEYTALK, the basis of all we do.  With secure anonymous and invisible connections.  Even in Public Wi-Fi Hotspots, using Device DNA.
  •  Action In Motion, full video, audio and image transference “live” from any Smart Mobile Phone, Tablet or Laptop.  GPS Location, Date, Time and Originator are stamped on the information that is being sent directly to the backend servers in real time. This is a full chain of custody for evidence purposes.  Nothing is left on the sending device whatsoever.  Uses range from, surveillance, private security, Enforcement Agencies (formerly Bailiffs), CSI collection, information on rallies, protests, DOT surveys, Emergency Management and the list goes on…
  • DocUmatics, paperless operations using tablets for up-to-the-minute collection and transference of data and images.  SceneDoc is the CSI application already in use.
  • Secure Comms BB.  Our full 100% connectivity for use in Public Safety vehicles or in the field.  Allowing full communications capability, including satellite.  This is available in four operational units, firm base, vehicle/mobile, military and transportable (briefcase).  Additionally, a full 1000 foot Wi-Fi Hotspot is there for usage by authorized devices, fully secured with KEYTALK.  Excellent for events, crime scene or mobile HQ.

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