Thursday, May 1, 2014

Who Is Duping Who, In The Food Chain?

Who Is Duping Who, In The Food Chain?
By Nick Ashton, CEO/Founder, Tracometry Group of Companies.

After all the concerns regarding Antibiotics and how they are failing, I revisited a piece I wrote last year.  

Our food is the issue and what it is that is being pumped into the animals to fatten them, cut back their health issues.  

What about us?  What do those drugs do to us?

So here is the take last year and is more relevant than ever!

So what did you have for breakfast this morning or dinner last night?  

Was it fit for human consumption?  The label said it was!  What are we eating and who good not give a toss about your health or demise.

Families could still be unwittingly tucking into horsemeat which may be harmful to human health, the U.K. Environment Secretary warned yesterday.

Owen Paterson, said he was prepared for ‘further bad news as the results of tests on processed beef products are published later this week.

Regarding public health threat, he stated to London’s LBC radio: ‘We may find out as the week progresses and the tests begin to come in, we may find out there is a substance which is injurious to human health. We have no evidence of that at the moment. At the moment this is a labeling issue.’ 

As the contamination scandal deepens, the U.K. Food Standards Agency is conducting tests to determine whether veterinary drug phenylbutazone, known as bute, is present in some of the horse meat. 

Animals treated with the drug are not allowed to enter the food chain.

Meanwhile, officials are investigating whether a Romanian abattoir was the ultimate source of the ‘beef’ products harboring horse meat in Britain, via France.

However he did say legal action over the horse meat scandal is to be mounted in Europe.

'This is a case of fraud and a conspiracy against the public, this is a criminal action, substituting one material for another,' he told BBC Breakfast in answer to questioning about calls for a ban on meat imports.

'If a British consumer goes into a retail store and buys a beef product, they should expect to get beef in that product, not horse.

'So this is a straight case of fraud and I think you will see legal actions beginning in certain continental countries today.

'I will be taking it up with certain ministers and also with the Commission in Europe, because this is overall a European Commission competence.

'It is absolutely unacceptable that consumers are being passed off with one product when they buy another.'

So I ask, is this just going on across the “pond” or is it here in the USA or totally worldwide?

This is a classic case of profiteering without a care for the end user or the health dangers involved.

Is Homeland Security investigating in the USA?  The food chain is a vital conduit to us all and the public is at the mercy of out of control commerce.

All USA supermarkets need to collectively test meat products and frozen products that are labeled to contain  (beef) meat.  This will stop any concerns and financial and health risks to all, both consumer and business.

If, as stated, the Mafia is supposedly involved, if so, this is not the first food on their list.  Cheese, Mozzarella is part of the Mafia Empire and has been controlled for decades.  How safe is the cheese?

Romania has for years been in the grip of an epidemic of 'horse aids', with animals 'endemically' infected with the disease.

Known as 'equine anemia', it led to a ban on live exports from the country three years ago but experts say that it poses no risks to humans who eat them.

To get round the ban the country's businesses transported huge amounts of frozen or fresh meat across Europe instead.

Almost 7,000 tonnes was shipped to nations like France, Belgium or Italy in 2011.

There have been some isolated cases of horse aids in Britain, with two horses in Devon and Cornwall destroyed when found to be carriers.

Anyone in the UK with animals they believe are infected must contact the authorities and have them put down if they are ill.

Meat scandal

  • In mid-January, Irish food inspectors announced they had found horsemeat in some burgers stocked by UK supermarket chains
  • Subsequently, up to 100% horsemeat found in several ranges of prepared frozen food in Britain, France and Sweden
  • Up to 16 countries involved
  • Concerns that drug used to treat horses, and which is harmful to humans, could be in food chain
  • Meat traced from France through Cyprus and The Netherlands to Romanian abattoirs
  • Investigation suggests contamination was not accidental but the work of a criminal conspiracy
Italian and Polish mafia gangs are blamed for horsemeat scandal as government warns MORE British products will be contaminated
  • Experts say beef is substituted for horse as part of multimillion pound scams
  • Environment secretary raises concerns of worldwide 'criminal conspiracy'
  • Food officials are being intimidated by cartels to sign off products as beefs 
  • Testing is stepped up in Britain for horse DNA and results due within days
  • Wild horses in Romania are being slaughtered and shipped to Britain as beef
  • The animals suffer appalling cruelty, including being beaten with crowbars
It is Profit over Safety and the perpetrators could care less on how they make an almighty dollar.

This is Domestic Terrorism and a terrible case of duping the public who rely on food supplied every single day.  What else in the food chain is being compromised?  We know fish is on the list in the types of fish sold as other higher priced foods.  Maybe a higher scale of profiteering!

Why are we concerned at the Tracometry Group of Companies? 

Simple, we care, we are concerned and see that society is being eroded minute by minute.  Communities and nations are being “used” and “abused”.  It is time to take a stand and work on the problem to eradicate the problems.

Whether it is a community going to rack and ruin, where people just do not care about where they live, and what criminal activity goes on in the streets and how they run their lives, the total lack of respect and trust to all in their social view. 

Is it about just labeling?  The illegal labeling and counterfeiting which can be stopped with a solution we have is at the heart of the matter.  It is what we are accepting because it says so on the packaging that is a major concern.  

Are we being self serving and promoting ourselves?  Damn right we are, we are not going to sit back and let the world drift by and affect the population.

You may kill the messenger, but do not kill the real message!

The circle is broken and we can and are fixing it on a daily basis.  We as a society must circle the wagons and defend each other.  

It seems many others could care less about YOU!

We Do...........!

So call your local authority and find out who is testing your meat supply today!

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