Tuesday, March 31, 2015


by Nick Ashton, CEO/CTO, CommSmart Global & CommSmart US

Not only good advice for engaging brain and mouth, but stops placing the proverbial foot in one's mouth.  It also excellent to actually read anything completely you going to comment, protest or complain about that you believe is totally wrong.

There are some of you that are always looking for a fight on a subject or matter you have no real knowledge on whatsoever.  The hearsay factor gets you and many in total trouble.

Those that the cap fits, your inner nature is aggressive, nonsensical and moronic!  All walks of life, from a basic employee to the CEO, you all suffer from not reading the full report, just scanning the document and only thinking you see what is being stated.

Reading and absorbing laziness in factually understanding of what is on a page, screen, newspaper report, legal bill or even a note from your Mother will get you into trouble.

Just look at the headlines of the day, Ferguson, racism, civil rights, religious freedom, opinions and the list goes on, if you read it, that is.

Social media is the most over rated unsocial medium ever invented.  The trouble is you buy into the honesty of the information.  Just because it on the Internet, does not mean it is true.

Liars, cheats and pure aggressive miscreants hide behind screens posting their vile take on a subject they wish to influence you on.  

There are those that say one thing to your face and write another, or become creative in spinning information of which they are out of their depth. 

Ignorance is not bliss, it is harmful to all.  

Sadly they believe their own Bovine Slurry!

Time to think for yourselves, research the information to form your own opinion. They say "the devil is in the detail", it is if you listen to others and never confirm for yourself. 

Yes, opinions count when they are factual!

In that case, make yours count!


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