Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Protesting and Jumping On A Bandwagon, Whence You Know Not, What You Protest About!

Protesting and Jumping On The Bandwagon, 
Whence You Know Not, 
What You Protest About!

by Nick Ashton, CEO/CTO CommSmart Global & CommSmart US

Indiana is feeling the heat of ignorance and those that would protest about the sound of a songbird.  This so called religious freedom law, in one form or another, has been in existence since the infamous Bill Clinton signed the Federal version.  Some other 17 states or more have the same law and others, Arkansas, are signing their law today or this week.

Even in your own company, when you have no real knowledge and do not read every line in a document or a new standard operational procedure and are totally ill informed and react. 

Take a deep breath, read it twice, think, discuss with your peers and see if they have concluded the same, then voice or review what is in front of you!

Hang on, do you need to be told what is right or wrong and morally right?


You are grownup and have the agency to make your decisions as a stand-up citizen and a member of society.  Oh, I forget, not all of us understand what is right or wrong in all directions and are just like sheep and have to be herded and told what to do.

The Sheeple have spoken and are far from right or left!

Take your time, examine and understand that many things in life are done in good faith. Even the social or unsocial media, thumbing opinions when you are ill informed will attract the wrath of those that want to fight, fight on anything that they can swing a placard at!

Even Jon Stewart's replacement, as a comedian, is now being challenged, by those that think they are funnier and are the comment police.  

Imagine Lenny Bruce, Richard Pryor or Max Miller in this anti social Thumbing Age!

Get the picture?


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