Saturday, October 3, 2015

Why Do You Check The Weather Forecast More Than The Security Of Your Smartphone, Desktop PC/Mac, Laptop, Tablet Or Phablet?

Why Do You Check The Weather Forecast 
More Than The Security Of Your Smartphone, 
Desktop PC/Mac, Laptop, Tablet Or Phablet?
by Nick Ashton, CEO/CTO, CommSmart Global Group of Companies

Simply because you have been indoctrinated in wanting to know about the climate on the outside of your inner comfort zone!

If you get wet, you can dry off. If you are cold, you can warm up. If your personal and financial information is hacked, stolen, phished or you fall foul of a man in the middle attack, you are in deep do-do, for a very long time!

Time to change!  It is up to you to check your security and of those that have access to your information.

Malware Threat Detection is not that simple and needs secure expert advice.  

The Dashboard or Portal to your clients and to for their safety requires, no demands, secure access and movement of data without risk.

Take a few moments to contact us, CommSmart Global worldwide has the solutions and with frugality to solve your concerns, issues and importantly protect your Brand!

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