Monday, October 5, 2015

Why Have You Built The Wrong Brick Wall? Is It Through Arrogance You Block & Close Your Ears?

Why Have You Built The Wrong Brick Wall?
Is It Through Arrogance You Block & Close Your Ears?
by Nick Ashton, CEO/CTO CommSmart Group of Companies

C-Level executives, especially CIO/CTO or IT Heads, you will either like what I have to say or you will tell me "to go forth and multiple"!

As they say, "if the cap fits, wear it"!  

If not, then you know how to communicate.

Non-communication, it is the insanity of our world today!  You build your "kingdom", buy an Android/Apple watch, use your latest iPhone 6s and tap on your Mac to see what your Facebook and Twitter so called friends are doing, whilst taking another Instagram picture and thinking about "one-upmanship"!  
Your "gatekeeper" blocks anyone, except you circle of false friends from getting near you.

Today's headlines are Gun Control, Russia/Syria/Afghanistan, the Weather and another Corporate Hack with millions of personal files and information stolen.  Causing concerns regarding their financial data and who knows what about who.

Importantly each reported Hack diminishes the Trust Factor!

You are a mere employee, like me.  You answer to a Board and shareholders and can be terminated at will.  

Stop feeling important, bullying your direct employees, do what is right!  Solve the issues at hand and stop worrying that it was not your idea in the first place. 

Act on it and stop the IT disasters that are hitting your data servers every single minute.  Your Corporate Brand has taken time, money and effort to build and you sit back and are destroying it with an egotistical attitude.

It is criminal to not know what your servers and routers are being hit with daily in "real time".  A report 24/48 hours later, even if you have that capability, is too late and ineffective.  Firstly, you are failing your bosses who you bamboozle with techno gibberish and gobbledygook excuses. 

Stop it!

There was a book out in the 1950's titled, "Listen & Learn", look at the title and act upon it, which is all you have to do.  Out in the great blue, smoked filled yonder and not only answers and direction to solve the issues, there are companies and individuals who can and will help without wanting medals and pats on the back.  

This is just the opportunity solve and resolve, YOU can take the credit for finding us, contracting and getting back to normality, whilst your client and customers are secure in knowing that their information is being securely looked after.

So now hopefully I have your attention, let us in a few paragraphs explain what your next steps are and why.

Firstly, all we discuss is about Frugal Corporate Innovation that is already developed, in place and working and security for millions and millions.  It is not a geeky possible idea, it is a reality!  It is not being cheap, it about using what is at our fingertips in a logical and cost effective manner.

The first line of Cyber Defense is handling Malware.  

Secondly, it is the access to your servers from so many that is the next concern and has to be filtered securely through a Dashboard or Portal on all platforms and devices.  Forgoing useless passwords, using Device DNA and other biometric security.  This also resolves the Bring Your Own Device concerns.

Outmoded Network security relies on Firewalls and IDS/IPS that block incoming traffic via matching predefined “rules”. Even if regularly updated, rules always lag behind the attackers’ ability to evade and bypass them.

Cyber System security relies on Antiviruses matching files to known signatures, but Antivirus detection coverage is well below 100%.

Our Malware Research Lab continually inspects millions of Malware samples with several Antivirus combinations, proving that detection coverage is in the 60-80% range only. 

The 40% gap is letting in the cyber criminals and you didn’t even know it!

If Malware bypasses these traditional lines of defense, it can hide forever stealing sensitive data.


It is about augmenting existing corporate network security measures in order to offer demanded additional protection against current and next generation malware. The solution is comprehensive in that it offers real-time protection while also preventing data leakage as a result of using cloud services outside of your regular data traffic.

A significant challenge to existing security infrastructures is that they depend on anti-virus software and firewalls to protect against threats at the enterprise level. Unfortunately, this level of protection is not robust or sturdy enough to protect against data-compromising malware.

Quite frequently these solutions do not alert you when malware finds its way into your system and also lack the flexibility to quickly adjust to the growing sophistication of malicious threats.

Malware developers never relent and neither should your security solution.

We are dedicated to real-time protection against all forms of data espionage.

Not just in the present, but in the future as well.

MALWARE is the ultimate deceiver…

Capable of both camouflage & espionage, and with an intent to do serious damage to your most sensitive data. Utilizing existing vulnerabilities in browsers, applications and operating systems, the malware initially passes unnoticed into your enterprise via a network connection. Malware is specifically designed to bypass both firewall and antivirus software, so getting “on the other side” does not pose a challenge when infiltrating enterprises with traditional security measures.

Once inside, malware changes its digital fingerprint to evade anti-virus measures. Inspection and detection applications are powerless against the camouflaged malware. Invisible to detection, the malware is now free to use your network connection to wreak havoc on data throughout your company’s enterprise.

You cannot afford this to happen!

We realize that the integrity of your data is of paramount importance and do not wish to compromise that in any way. Although our solution inspects data on your network for malware, we do not look at the actual content of your data. In fact, we only analyze the metadata of your network traffic. The confidentiality of your corporate data remains uncompromised.

Our solution offers comprehensive protection against malware without compromising the operation of your network. There is no negative impact whatsoever with regards to speed, bandwidth and overall performance of your network architecture. Additionally, there is no need to place a new link between your corporate network and the Internet.

We are designed to grow with your company – you can expect consistent protection over time regardless of network size, traffic and usage. There will be no degradation of service no matter how large or complex your network becomes.

The implementation into your enterprise is exceedingly straightforward because our solution operates on network architecture that already exists in your corporate network. 
There is no need to purchase additional hardware, software, or services — simply enable flow data on your existing Internet router, add our Malware solution at the edge of your network, and you’re done!

How you are asking?  Not for discussion here.  That is your next step to contact us.  

Why tell the hacking, phishing and man in the middle attackers, our combined enemy, how we are defeating them!

We have explained this is readable language so all concerned can understand the importance of the global situation and solution.

Our second and major concern is the trusted access you have given to so many. 

Billions of sign on transactions, millions of miles of data in motion and like all human beings doors are left open, taps dripping and lights left on, we take care of all of that with a dashboard and Portal connection.

It is not often in today’s world you can mention a revolution that is not violent. 

We can!

Socially we have a radical and universal simplistic change in Trust and Trusted Devices with the Internet.

Access through the Internet and the connection through your ISP, Bank, Health Provider or any service company has become a major security concern.  Every day you read of another hack of information and financial data, this concerns us all.

No more! 

CyberComb is a social evolution of secure connections all within an umbrella of the provider or company.

It is a dashboard or portal that is military grade encrypted and encompasses all your Internet and application requirements with a single secure sign-on. 

It is a solution that uses Device DNA which is not a password driven security.  It is known as 2 SSL and is a RS 4096 bit Encryption. A second biometric can be used which could include a password if so wished. 

There is no tougher, government, banks and financial institutions only use RS 256 bit Encryption.

Once signed in you have TRUST!   It is a secure cloud based with all you wish to achieve simply right in front of your eyes. 

A total intelligent storage system which integrates with your existing storage arrangements allowing movement of files between all your global cloud storage systems, integrating with your range of applications, methods of sharing your work with corporate or family members, secure messaging, video conferencing and so much more.

When you are working on documents or information, all data in motion or in transit is encrypted, so it is secure.

CyberComb works on ALL platforms and devices!

  •  Platforms: Windows, IOS, Android and Linux  
  •  All devices: desktop, laptop, tablet, phablet and smartphone. 

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) security issues are GONE! 

Once CyberComb is installed across your devices everything is connected, securely and allows you to move strongly between your devices, even in a public hotspot Wi-Fi environment.  

This is a Hackers nightmare, the doors have been closed shut!

CyberComb is a repository for all you do.

Never has there been such a bloodless revolution.  It brings peace of mind to the corporation and importantly the client/customer.

For your Malware concerns and Dashboard/Portal connectivity, we ask that you contact us for a logical conversation on how frugally you can protect your clients/customers and importantly the Brand.

Oh, your shareholders will have peace of mind and importantly understanding...



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