Wednesday, October 7, 2015

"Why-Fry" Your Brand Through Luck Luster or Non-Existent Cyber Security?

"Why-Fry" Your Brand Through 
Luck Luster or Non-Existent Cyber Security?
by Nick Ashton, CEO/CTO, CommSmart Global Group of Companies

When you do not understand the ramifications of computers, cyber activity and the logic of storing information or how your customers/clients information is accessed, ask!

The world of Cyber is more important to your daily life and you still think it is complicated, when explained by your fellow Chief Technology Officer, Information Director or Head of IT. 

It is not really, but all the facets of the cyber attacks and methods are. 

Knowing who is using your computer servers, who is entering, their location, examining, transferring information, uploading, making changes and who they are sending it to, is vital information that is required in "REAL TIME".  Not twenty-fours later, which is too late!  it does not have to be!

Those who are C-level Executives have responsibility to shareholders, board members, customer/clients and their families and overall the Brand itself.

Understanding the Cyber Side of the Brand is more important than ever!  

The company, when attacked, and you will be, better have in place top level cyber security and an IT Department and management to match.  If not, the Brand is damaged and gone!  In Europe you will fined heavily for the failure!

Instead of Frying the Brand, talk to those that have made it their business to protect:  
  • the knowledge of who or what is attacking your front-end with Malware threats 
  • to the methods of accessing your corporate servers with Device DNA single sign-on
  • military encryption connection and for data in motion with all applications, 
  • working in all Wi-Fi access hot spots securely  

As they say, that is not all, it works on all platforms and devices!  

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is not a security issue any more!

If you are serious about securing your BRAND, shoring up the Cyber Holes and allow us to work with you and your IT team.  Making sure the allocated IT budget can work and not be a fantasy figure that is being broken by cyber attacks on a daily basis.

Make this a joint venture to protect your customers/clients, their information they entrusted to you, the shareholders and importantly the BRAND!

Our Frugal Corporate Innovative Approach is your cyber security success.

Our global approach with our partners, who include CommSmart Global, Infobricks and IBM Softlayer and Tracometry People are second to none.

Just want to talk?  Call me direct and let us see how our global team together can stop this aggravating cyber attacking issues!


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