Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Is This Just Beligan Waffle or Do They Have a Serious Privacy Point?

Is This Just a Belgian Waffle or Do They Have a Serious Privacy Point?
by Nick Ashton, CEO/CTO, CommSmart Global Group of Companies

It is reported from Europe, Beligan in fact, that their courts have issued an ultimatum to Facebook to cease tracking new users.  

We shall explain, that it is really YOU that is the problem and can be fixed!

A court has given Facebook 48 hours to stop tracking people in Belgium who are not members of its social network.

"Facebook says it will appeal against the decision and that the order relates to a cookie it has used for five years.

The cookie is installed when an internet user visits a Facebook page even if they are not members.

However, the Belgian court said that the company was obliged to obtain consent to collect the information being gathered.

"The judge ruled that this is personal data, which Facebook can only use if the internet user expressly gives their consent, as Belgian privacy law dictates," it said in a statement.

If Facebook fails to comply, it could face a fine of up to 250,000 euros (£180,000) per day.

The fine would go to the Belgian Privacy Commission, which brought the case, the court added."

So reports the BBC.  BBC Report


What do you expect?  Is it your responsibility to protect your own privacy?

It is YOU who use the so called social media sites that are so anti-social, they bleed red.  What do YOU expect?

YOU share Too Much Information (TMI), and wonder why people, both good and bad attack you!  Facebook is a Burglar's  & Stalker's Paradise!  

YOU post where you are at, when your parties are, where you are going on vacation and how your brother or sister just purchased a new flat screen or expensive breed of dog or cat. By the way, that is just my sister! 

Then there is the company you work for, bragging on what you do and how they have developed a new product or gizmo which is worth millions.  All information that has a value to someone, somewhere and free for them to log and us.


Oh, how about those Apps you download onto your Smartphone?  They track you, know what you buy, what you are doing on the Internet and Google loves you!  Each time you log into a Google App, your Smartphone lets Google have all your current data, even the last phone call or text to the Mistress!

YOU are the one complaining about PRIVACY RIGHTS!

It Is Privacy Above ALL!

This is where Red Tagged comes in... 

Corporately, you must secure all data in motion, including voice calls within your company management, emails, text/chat, documents.  That means full military encryption on all communications, especially C-Level executives Smartphones, Desktop computers, Laptops and Tablets.

Firstly, your whole data servers and software needs examining to establish a baseline for what is going on each and every second of the day.  Requests, updates, who is authorized and who is attempting to hack you!  

You will be amazed that old software programs are still running way in the background, wasting time, productivity and extremely vulnerable to your BRAND.  Who still has access and who is really authorized to have this knowledge?

Over the years and changes in staff, both at the top and in-between, programs have been fixed, shored up and held together with band-aids, duct tape and staples. This must be resolved, removed and traced for all that have had access.

This is demanded before any changes can be applied.

Once establish, you can have a real time view of all activity, giving peace of mind, less headaches and lowering expense of putting out the Denial of Service attacks or hacking concerns.

Who has the key to your information?  This will change with a Dashboard that works on all platforms and devices, alleviating the worry of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).  The Dashboard is your security without technically using a password which can be stolen or hacked.  

Red Tagged uses Device DNA!

This information just touches the surface of what RED TAGGED does, to find out more contact us.

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