Friday, November 6, 2015

7+ Hours of Silence or How a Time Warner Outage and Reduced Mobile Phone Service was Truly Seventh Heaven!

7+ Hours of Silence or How a Time Warner Outage and 
Reduced Mobile Phone Service was Truly Seventh Heaven!
by Nick Ashton, CEO/CTO, CommSmart Global Group of Companies

The NBC "Today Show" was mentioning Donald Trump at 7:17 a.m. and the screen froze.  You know, that digital lock when the signal is lost.  I looked up as the silence was deafening and then noticed the router lights had left the room too!

I was in mid flight with some research on the computer and it was now stuck in Internet Heaven.  It was no more, it was gone, dead!  Why does Monty Python's Parrot Sketch come to mind?

Anyway, this was to continue for 7+ hours and to boot, our mobile phone service was reduced to a fraction of service, so even messages in or out were not working.  I sent some and few arrived or got lost on the way or maybe intercepted by the NSA, Google or George Orwell.

Then in dawned on me, peace at last!

Did I have withdrawals, no, just that important conversations at a crucial time would not and could not happen. I happen to have sold all the Carrier Pigeons the week before or did we eat them?  So communications had stopped!

Deciding to stay put, we thought about going back to indoor hang gliding or quantum tiddlywinks.  I said we thought about, it never materialized and my prowess of flight is not that great.

I was now Internet-less and writing to my heart's content without being interrupted by sounds of arriving emails, text messages or the ringing phone was now the order of the day.

Then, the silence was broken by the arrival of a text message on the Smartphone.  I looked up and the routers blue lights were flashing once more. 

A feeling of disappointment that life was going back to a digital annoyance, not that my business partners or clients are annoying!

Just a mere seven hours of digital solitude was now broken and life had to go on...



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