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We Appreciate The Audience, It Is Time To Get Off Of The Sidelines And Participate In The So Called Game Of Life

We Appreciate The Audience, It Is Time To Get Off Of The Sidelines And Participate In The So Called Game Of Life
By Nick Ashton, CEO/CTO, CommSmart Global Group of Companies.

The view from the stands might be excellent but the game on the field of life is going to hell in a hang basket! 

Socially, are you really feeling happy and secure in your personal life and work environment?  Only you can answer…

As we stand, this is not the life we expected, dreamed of or can accept, unless you have no real feelings whatsoever. 

Towns and cities are falling apart, not just physically.  Our communities are nothing more than dens of iniquities and law enforcement is fighting a losing battle in the social, drug, gang and murder wars.

It seems that all of our communication skills have stopped and our internal understandings of living a sociable, acceptable, life style have changed dramatically.  It has become a society of waiting for others to take the lead and if someone does, it is frowned upon, as we want to know their underlying motive. 

Queen Bees and workers are further apart than ever before.  It is as if the team has become dysfunctional, disorientated and disillusioned. It is not just words on a page, it is a fact!

Learning lessons and adapting is a normal part of life.  The day of handouts, entitlements and others filling in for your inadequacies is over. Our work and social ethics are going to change and it starts with YOU.

The basics of life are RULES, rules that are acceptable and not a “them or us” situation.

There are more demands on our civic services today than ever before.  Why?

It comes down to politics and how those that wished to be voted into office, promised the streets will be paved with gold.  This is not the era of Mayor Dick Whittington and this is not London! 

Yes, once voted in, they passed laws, services and unthoughtful solutions, which, when, the grant money runs out, the services stopped.  President Bill Clinton’s more police on the streets is a prime example. Once the grant money was gone after two years, cities and counties did not have the budget to continue and the public wondered why things changed.

People have a high expectation when they are promised and do not understand standard business practices and still believe in the unlimited
money tree.

We have to become better and more efficient communicators and that is the crux of the matter.

That is our mantra and why we have isolated the issues and resolved this with usable, affordable technology.  The issues are as simple as security of communications on all levels.  Everything we do today is under attack. 

We thought the computer would bring a sustained method of far better communications, it has, but with major concerns from others wanting to know what we know and steal our trusted information.

The Hackers, Phishers, Man in the Middle Brutal Attackers are ever present.  They want what you have worked hard for and even your bank account is not safe.  Business proprietary information is at more risk than ever.  So is there a means to improve this? 


Security of data connection, especially corporate, with end to end, data in motion the most vulnerable and we have solved this and WE have!  

Passwords are old hat, as it can be anyone typing in your log-in password.  The system does not know that it is you.  Even a supposed secure token method is not secure, as it might not be in your hands.  

The Human Element is the issue, so we use Device DNA, using a selection of hardware components to identify you as trusted and authorized.

Collecting visual and audio situations has changed and been secured, right from the palm of your hand.  Usable in the courts, because there is a full Chain of Evidence in place. 

Remember that dream of a paperless society, it is really here!  Documents can now easily be filled in, transmitted securely and in a timely and expected fashion.

Then, speed of getting from A to B is vital, that is why all of what we talk about is connectivity and that is now available for all Public Safety, Emergency Management, Enforcement Agents/Process Servers and those vital corporate needs.

It is the security of all we do that is more important than ever.


All with Encryption of RSA 4096 Bit!

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WE are in the NOW and
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