Saturday, October 31, 2015

Secure Internet & Communications NOW!

Secure Internet & Communications NOW!
by Nick Ashton, CEO/CTO, CommSmart Global Group of Companies

Launching worldwide an overall security blanket regarding all we do on the Internet. 

Allowing you to see in "real time" who is attempting to penetrate your servers, shielding your web presence and encrypting all your communications connections. 

No Passwords to steal, we use Device DNA and additional biometrics to protect YOU and all your Data in Motion, even in Wi-Fi Hotspots!

CommSmart Global's Red Tagged Team also launches the GranitePhone, a fully Encrypted communications tool.  With desktop, additional phone and tablet presence that goes wherever you are. Secure communications, voice, data, emails, SMS/texts and Documents.  There is NO Backdoor whatsoever!

Usage for Government across the board that require true secure comms.  
The corporate world for the executives and staff to securely communicate with Full 4096 RSA bit Encryption.  The only device in the world that has and continues to achieve this level of security.  
This is Your Trusted Device!

Security is an exceptional IT discipline. It overlaps and supports all other disciplines: computers, networks, access, storage, app's and data in motion. As IT evolves, so should IT security!

The failure is in those that they believe they know it all, it worked last time, why should it not work now?  IT, from the C-level Executive to the IT grunt is no ordinary job!  It is far different from marketing, accounting or inventory control, it is in the NOW!  It is “real time” which demands hands on actions and a knowledgeable discipline which must be second to none.  

Cyber security is a proactive control with loyalty and integrity beyond reproach.

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