Monday, October 26, 2015

STOP Playing "Make Believe" IT GUY or GIRL! It is Co$ting the World a Fortune!

STOP Playing "Make Believe"
It is Co$ting the World a Fortune!
by Nick Ashton, CEO/CTO, CommSmart Global Group of Companies

Information Technology is an extremely serious business, but you would never know so with the hacks and failures that are going on hour by hour globally that are being reported!

It is the hidden information or the delays of reporting the hacks and cyber terrorism that is even more of a concern!

Our Red Tagged Cyber Forensic Worldwide Team has seriously been working successfully in Cyber Technology, before it was called Cyber Technology! When hacking was associated with only a cough.  Now it is is an epidemic costing all of us billions of dollars, time and stress, than none of us deserve.

Since 1976, our corporate leadership has been there for their clients, programming, developing, analyzing, watching the data streams, seeing who, in "real time" is accessing or attempting to access data, metaphorically stripping servers to their bare bones and following the unscrupulous miscreants who are attempting with successful actions to hack, phish and be the man in the middle brutal attackers with the data they have been able to steal through the inept and blatant actions and failures of the so-called IT Guys and Girls.

As Forensic Cyber Analysts, our global team works all sides of the cyber spectrum.  The Good, the Bad and the Downright Ugly!  We are Ethical Hackers and have been for decades.  

To protect against burglary, you talk to a burglar, want to know how to steal a car, talk to a car thief.  

When you want "Real Knowledge", you go to the experts who know every nook and cranny of the "real world" of Hacking Phishing and Man in the Middle Brutal Attackers.    

Stop thinking or letting others think you know it all!  YOU DO NOT!

There are too many CIO/CTO or  IT Heads of Department living in the past, when life was at a more slower pace and there were no choices for solution providers. 

Stop purchasing from sources like Microsoft, Symantec, Google!  Blindly buying is a failure and never resolves the problem. Outsourced solutions that are "real" and global, with a team that works 24/7/365 to stop and resolve the cyber issues is where you must be.  

Real Time Proactive Solutions!

It is time to fess up to your bosses you need and demand help!  That of course means a whole different structure, budget and work ethic.

Talk to us, we are the RED TAGGED TEAM, based in Europe, North America and India.  You will never question our work ethic and the PRIDE we take to stop Cyber crime.  Our ears and eyes are wide open 24/7/365 ensuring that all is understood.  

Let us examine your Data in Motion, showing you everything that is bombarding your servers. Then, we will show you how you can fully understand the immense activity that you never knew about, all in real time.

We do not stop there!  Access to your servers and the stored information must be protected and that is why we developed a Dashboard/Portal for all platforms and devices to have authorized access only.  No, passwords do not play a part in this process, it is all about Device DNA, Trusted, Devices that can only have completed controlled access.

We continue this to your communications, mobile phone calls, emails with attached documents, SMS/Text, yes all means that the hacker can infiltrate your corporate information.

The Internet is a stinking sewer and must be restricted in all ways, that we can all agree on.  Listen to those that work with Pride in protecting others and assists you to know more about who is doing what to who.

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