Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Information Technology is Running Around Like a Head With Its Chicken Cut-Off!

Information Technology is Running Around Like a Head With Its Chicken Cut-Off!
by Nick Ashton, CEO/CTO, CommSmart Global Group of Companies

We might as well yell FIRE, as very few are listening or even paying attention!

Cybercrime is a major concern, what is worse is that department heads with limited resources are doing virtually nothing to protect and serve.

The C-Level Executives think that you fix these issues by clicking your fingers or at best consulting the well known Barnes & Noble paperback, "Board Room & C-Level Executive Fun for Dummies".

I have the privilege to know some great CIOs/CTOs and Heads of Information Technology.  We are all on the same page when it comes to the 90% who are failing their employers and a disservice to the public.  It is not just the company that is being failed, it is the shareholders who have invested and ultimately the customer/client who has been supporting.  

There was a cigarette commercial in the 1950's for a brand of cigarette, "Strand", the byline was "You're Never Alone With a Strand".  Linking lighting and smoking a cigarette would be company to you.  Look where we are today, smoking is banned in public places and the truth regarding cigarettes is they contribute to the demise of the population.

Oh, and smokers are susceptible to a Hacking Cough.

Mentioning Hacking, that is my point, if we do nothing and glorify the hacker, no matter what age and allow society to turn a blind eye, what is next?

The computer and the Internet Sewer needs more than an Air Freshener!  It needs securing and the public demands action!  

Hacking is in real time and that is where you need to be, right at the front door of your servers, knowing every movement or knocking on the door.  You do not require a simple doorbell, you need water-tight visual communication of who or what is there.

You cannot pass out front door keys like we use to and have everyone hanging them around their necks like "latch-key kids" coming home from school.  It has to be bullet resistant.

Yes, it is understanding that if you continue in doing minimal information technology housekeeping, you will be deserted and the BRAND will fail.

Tell that to your shareholders!  

STOP painting a perfect picture and telling everyone "you are working on it".  

Because you are NOT!

Oops, there goes the headless chicken again!

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