Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Your Personal Data Is About To Explode! - Intercourse YOUR Financial Data...

Your Personal Data Is About To Explode!
Intercourse YOUR Financial Data...
by Nick Ashton, CEO/CTO, CommSmart Global Group of Companies

This has everything to do with YOU and nothing to do with Monty Python and Exploding Penguins.

No Penguins were harmed in the production of this document.

The ignorance regarding Cyber Security is solidly in your clumsy fingers and thumbs.  YOU are the issues which the Hacker, Phisher and Man in the Middle Brutal Attacker is Preying on!

It is proven that humans are most pathetic, vulnerable species on the planet. "Help Me, I have a problem" are the most used words in the Oxford English Dictionary.  People try and Oh, they try and you ignore until it is too late!

You listen more to television commercials for Viagra and pharmaceutical companies plying their deadly wares than "real concerns".

The theft of your personal financial data, a blocked bank account and Heaven forbid you do not have access to your Twitter or Facebook accounts.  The stress of what the Cyber Terrorists will do with the said information is going to last a hell of a lot longer than four hours!  

Oh, you do not need to call a doctor as you have been blinded for a long, long time and have no time to think about an erection!

Listening to a pill pushing conglomerate of the side effects of their so called magic pill and its long list of failures, which will kill you, is more apt is it?

Oh, mentioning apps, as I did not, but will now, what are you thinking?  Your Mobile Smartphone is the gateway and the closure of your whole life!

Downloading Apps which follow you everywhere, giving the status of your last phone calls and to whom, your location and your so called secure passwords is a sensible action to take?

I think not, but you do!

Google, Microsoft and Yahoo, yes they still exist and employ Katie Couric, take more information when you sign on or send an email than the NSA.  

But, you continue...

The Corporate Information Technology Department and its so called high brow geek leader, in general, are just as rotten as the major browser and App companies.  

They are failing to protect what is rightfully yours!

They though are not just to blame, It is YOU too!

Prior to the Internet, everything was under lock and key in steel filing cabinets and it was known who had authorized access.  The Keeper of the Keys would guard that information with their life and the price for failure was job.

Back then, you worked for a company until the day you died.  You had Pride, Integrity, Honor and Respect for All.  That included your employer, the fellow workers and importantly the customers and clients.  

It has gone the same way as the exploding penguin!

Stopping explosions, knowing what Data in Motion and Whom are trying to access your Data Silos is our station in life. Not after the fact, but in "real time", that is what we are Proud of. Yes, Pride, Respect, Integrity and Trust are not just words to the RED TAGGED GLOBAL TEAM, we wear them on our sleeves.

Once this has been established we can assist you to know this important information 24/7/365.

From then on, all your employees, vendors, sub-contractors, customers/clients and third party data connections will be secured through a Dashboard/Portal. Allowing only authorized connections through Device DNA and not just a flimsy password.

That is not all, we believe that all corporate information that you are presently sending via a voice call, email, SMS/Text or attached documents are just as vulnerable.

That is why our fully Encrypted Mobile Smartphone with No Backdoor for prying eyes is available.  It has full encryption at 4096 RSA bit.  No Internet Browser and you cannot download Apps!  It is secure as will you business and customers/clients!

Enough said, it is your turn to talk, email or just think...

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