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Nearly every major bank is using second-rate security to guard its website.

Nearly every major bank is using second-rate 
security to guard its website.

Capital One, JPMorgan Chase, Suntrust, Wells Fargo -- none of them use what's commonly referred to as the "best practice" in the industry when it comes to Web security.

The worst offenders are HSBC and TD Bank.

We can change that right now!  (Full Whitepaper is available with NDA/LOI)

Secure online access is a true reality 

Healthcare, Banking, Insurance,Big Box, Loyalty programs, SAS...
With Red Tagged (E3) easily managed digital certificate and device recognition solution.

Our solution is a (virtual) appliance based product which seamlessly fits into your existing network infrastructure. It automatically creates, distributes, and (de)installs, short-lived X.509 user certificates with corresponding cryptographic key-pairs, for the purpose of user & device credentialing and secure access control.

X.509 is the industry standard since the 1980’s and is supported by all major network components and enterprise application solutions, making it the perfect unified access control solution.

Thus far managing X.509 certificates has been one of the greatest cost factors in high secure environments, mainly caused by the required administration efforts.

By re-using your existing authentication environment, optionally leveraging it with our trusted corporate & Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) device recognition, reducing the lifecycle of the certificate, and ultimately automating the certificate requests, creation, distribution and (de)installation; certificate management has become easy as pie with our Trusted Device solution.

It not only secures the sending of user authentication credentials and enables encrypted access to the network to the highest level to protect against harsh attack vectors such as Man-in-the-Middle and brute force, but it also helps to significantly reduce cost.

Administrators have less work in configuring networks for different kinds of authentication, but end-users can also become more productive thanks to Single Sign-On to applications and network environments.


Identifying your trusted employee and partner devices to conveniently yet securely access your corporate applications is the most common use. Frequently in combination with existing HP, Palo Alto, Cisco, F5, CheckPoint, Juniper, and/ or a range of Open products.

Smartphone app builders commonly face their app data-stream and app-server getting hacked. Our API can be your security module in your app.

Secure app and machine-to-machine communication is a necessity nowadays as well: vending-machines communicating their daily sales, ATM’s communicating wirelessly with the bank, IP-camera’s securely sending their video feeds, medical devices sending privacy sensitive patient data to online patient dossiers, and much more. End2End Encryption is right.

We handle it all, for dozens up to hundreds of millions of users and devices.

Passwords are the cause of the majority of the cyber-attack issues and we still use them!

Red Tagged (E3) End2End Encryption uses a Device DNA which each device or machine has. It is the device that is authenticated and not reliant on a user password that can be taken to another device and used as the log-in.

Yes, we can still have a password, but that is not the key to entering the system. Many safeguards can be in place also, from GPS location, Geo-Fencing and many others, the key is the Device DNA which is created at the authorization stage and is extracted from the device in many ways and elements.

Desktop, laptop, tablet, Smartphone it does not matter, the days of concern for BYOD are gone! You just setup internally a SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for usage to the corporate servers.

The connection is universal, meaning even in Wi-Fi Hotspots conferences or hotels the solution protects and serves the security factors on both sides.

Firewall & VPN Integration 

For effective enterprise perimeter, internal, and Web security, integration with existing Firewalls is a must-have. All known enterprise firewall and VPN solution providers support the X.509 standard

Secure Application Access 
Secure access to online applications is generally made possible through the use of HTTPS.

By simply enforcing the requirement of client side digital certificates on the target server or firewall or VPN, you effectively create a highly secure 2-way SSL authenticated encrypted tunnel over TLS.

This feature is by default supported by all major server side Operating Systems, and all major enterprise application solution suppliers. Such as: Microsoft, Cisco, Juniper, CheckPoint, Palo Alto, HP, IBM, SAP, Oracle, “open” solutions, and many others.

High Availability 

Built-in high availability feature, allowing for each instance to be aware of the health status of all other End2End Encryption (E3) instances. As a result, should an appliance ever become unavailable, automatically another can take over, without you having to rely on 3rd party high availability solutions.

(E3) delivers a unified architecture for perimeter, internal and web based access control, based on the industry standard X.509 digital certificates.

Product description
End2End Encryption (E3) issues short lived certificates and has an automated registration authority module, providing comprehensive easy to use and administer secure access to your existing network and cloud infrastructure.

Product Key Features

• IPv4 and IPv6 supported

• On-board high availability support

• RFC compliant standard X.509

• Short life validity for certificates

• New unique encryption keys with each issued certificate

• 1024 - 4096 bit RSA encryption keys

• Automated certificate processing

• Use existing authentication methods

• Optional trusted hardware recognition and management

• Runs also under your existing CA

Product Benefits

• Provides advanced application and network protection for changing threats including Phishing, Man-in-the-Middle and anonymous Brute Force attacks

• Enables a wide range of secure branch and remote-access options

• Streamlines security administration and lowers management cost

• Makes federated identity a reality

• Corporate laptop & smartphone usage

• Machine to machine usage

• Internet of Things supported

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