Monday, December 7, 2015

Radical Islamic Terrorists, Hackers, Phishers and Man in the Middle Brutal Attackers

Radical Islamic Terrorists, Hackers, Phishers and Man in the Middle Brutal Attackers
by Nick Ashton, CEO/CTO, CommSmart Global Group of Companies

Terrorist Are Attacking & Killing, Instilling Fear Worldwide. Cyber Criminals/Terrorists Are Stealing Digital Information & Using What is Rightfully Yours.  Ruining Your Life and Instilling Fear Of A Normal Life.

Having been involved in physical and cyber terrorism since the 1970's, the statement by the American president to the nation, is more than concerning.

It has taken him seven years to admit that there are terrorist who are using Islam to terrorizing the world?  Religion has been used in a radical form since they were introduced, as a controlling community tool.  Organized religion has been with us since the concerns of the Emperors of Rome and the emergence of Christ.  Mohammed came 600 years later.

The world's oldest religion still being practiced today is Hinduism (known to adherents as 'Sanatan Dharma', Eternal Order) but, in what is considered 'the west', the first records of religious practice come from Egypt around 4000 BCE. 

Organized religion encompasses them all, Catholic, Baptist, Church of England, Methodists, Presbyterian, Muslim, Judaism, Assembly of God  and any other denomination that is out there practicing their organized beliefs.

Hackers, Phishers and Man in the Middle Brutal Attackers are also organized and use the Dark Web to practice their digital terror and thievery.  In fact these miscreants do more damage that all of radical terrorism put together.  No, they are not using the bomb or bullet, they are using the fact that our digital cyber world is unprotected.  

Cyber security is the responsibility of us all!

Corporate cyber security is a Duty of Care and a Corporate Governance.  Failure at this level is shameful and makes the BRAND, shareholders and more importantly, the customers and clients extremely vulnerable.

Stop the procrastination on what to do, just take action to have the finest protection and solutions.

Logical proactive solutions are here with Red Tagged and our worldwide team can assist those that wish to do the right thing.


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