Wednesday, February 28, 2018


by Nick Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group
Reasons for Encryption
  •   Something to Hide
  •   Something Precious
  •   A Corporate Secret
  •   Illicit or Illegal Conversation or Details
  •   State or National Spying
  •   Total Privacy Protection of Entrusted Data/Information
  •         or Just Plain, "None of Your Business"
Why should we be using encryption in the first place? 

It is stated that all the sensitive data on your computers be encrypted? Why? Simply read the daily headlines of the Hacker's merriment of stealing data from corporations and selling it on the Darknet!  Others want and are simply stealing entrusted personal and financial information and you are saying and doing nothing!

Governments it seems to believe that everyone is their enemy.  Cryptology has been saving lives and corporations from prying eyes for centuries.  When designing a new pair of shoes, the likes of lingerie, or a new means of transportation, the company must keep the information close their chest. Protecting their secrets, potential marketplace, and shareholder's investments.

The Internet of Things, or Tragedy as we call it, has been a game changer for Hacking, Phishing, and Man in the Middle Brutal Attacks.  Terrorists, Drug Lords, Gangs, and Criminals have taken simple social programs and turned them into undercover methods of communications.

To stop all Encryption would be foolish and will be averted by other simple means we have in place and can be made available.

A Duck Hunter's ploy is a simple way of describing Red Tagged's ability to infiltrate those that wish to use the Internet of Things for terroristic and criminal gains.

Red Tagged has invented and created successful Decoys.  That is as far as we are going in stating how we entrap the unwanted and take them down.

Your Privacy, if not properly handled can cause your organization extreme damage. It is all about data responsibility.

Privacy is a universal issue and has become a concern for politicians, lawyers, corporations and the public alike. When working and entrusted with personal data, including financial information, one can expect to be faced with various questions regarding the processing, handling, and security of all personal data.

For example, data protection authorities, government and law enforcement, will question you in regard to your compliance and security competence. They will request an overview of the data you have collected and the level of installed and monitored security and enforcement authorities will request assistance in their investigation by demanding certain personal data of your clients. 

Not knowing how to handle such situations or otherwise neglecting the privacy of your clients can lead to major privacy-scandals that can easily become very expensive. A proper privacy policy will ensure that you are optimally prepared for these situations and more.

Compliance with national and the new European Privacy and Data Protection legislation is no longer sufficient; in order to create a competitive advantage, you have to make privacy a key-value within your organization. Although privacy is often seen as a roadblock for an organization, nothing is further from the truth.

A comprehensive internal privacy policy will help you get the most out of the data you have collected; you will garner trust and distinguish yourself from your competitors. The privacy experts at Red Tagged know how to optimize privacy within your organization.

Privacy is a topic that is influenced by more than just law; stakeholders include for example citizens, media, policymakers and/or interest groups. Red Tagged’s specialized knowledge of IT, software security creation, politics, organization and change agent's policy enables you to create an internal privacy policy that takes moral, social and political concerns and desires into account. The result? An increased level of trust in your organization, an increased level of compliance and an increased competitive advantage.

Cyber terrorists/criminals take advantage of the ignorance of corporations. 

Will your company be next? 

NO, not with the integral approach of Red Tagged’s security advice on cybercrime and cybersecurity. These and Red Tagged’s other in-depth Cybersecurity services will allow you to increase your defenses against (the consequences of) cybercrime.

Trust is crucial for every e-commerce business or website. How do you gain and maintain customer or stakeholder trust?  The answers to these questions can be found at the same place as Red Tagged’s expertise; at the crossroads between disciplines such as compliance, technology, and public affairs.

Trust and IT
Red Tagged knows that a good preparation for introducing a new technology can make a world of difference for its success. The earlier you consider the privacy and trust aspects of your new technology, and how to communicate this clearly to the public, the more defined is your chance of success. 

Red Tagged will support you in the entire development process, we help to identify, analyze and address the possible risks deriving from your technology.

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