Friday, April 14, 2017

Be Good So They Can't Ignore You...

Be Good So They Can't Ignore You...
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

It is a fact that in this fast pace environment, trust in anything has been diminished. Even Einstein is questioned or Madam Curie dissected to the point of mistrust in all they are to supposed to have said or achieved.

The bomb, bullet, beheadings and political correctness have captured center stage.  Not a headline goes by without the spillage of blood somewhere.  In this instant information age, which in some cases are not the real facts, we live and breath on deceptive and erroneous, false information.  Who do you believe anymore?

So-called religious factions tell you that their God is better than your God and GM states that their cars and trucks are better than Fords!  Well, my washing powder gets my clothes whiter than yours, so there!

Demands are made for us all to be as completely honest in all we do. There are those that do not like that we market our wares and have an ulterior motive in statements we make. Of course, we do, it is a marketing world with half truths abounding like "fly balls" at a baseball game. It seems that anything to do with marketing is not to be trusted. Does that go for political wannabes too?

Steve Martin, that wild and crazy guy, is quoted as saying "Be good so they can't ignore you".  Well, I am that kind guy!  Not perfect, rough around the edges and have certainly changed over the years.  I have, like us all, evolved, learned lessons and evoke that knowledge on a daily basis for the common good of us all.  

Grumpy, argumentative and stubborn can also be adjectives you can loosely attach to my persona.  Pedantic, but not perfect is an understatement!  I do not make statements that cannot be backed up or verified.  Today I am proud to be part of a team that can lay it on the line when it comes to getting it right. Especially on the security of information or all data in motion.

Having cut my teeth in counter-terrorism and seeing the horror of man, I fully understand that the human race is a sadistic, grotesque group of conniving bastards, to say the least. 

Entering the world of computers, in 1976, bringing that terroristic mindset to the world of noughts and zeros, has made me fully understand both worlds and even more so today.

Some twenty-five later, being called back to share my counter-terrorism expertise in the Iraq conflict changed my thinking.  Internet communications were in its infancy and what we term "normal" communication was changing right under our noses.  

The initial attack on Baghdad was controlled from the back of a truck on the outskirts of the city with two laptops and the Internet.  Truly a major attack through what we now call the Internet of Things (IoT)! 

The other real factor was creating the ability to hear the "chatter of the streets" or Atmospherics, as we call it.  Mashed old fashion listening by humans with disruptive technology to enhance our overall success.  For instance, the digital pen and paper.  Who would question someone writing notes in a cafe on a notepad?  Ah, if the pen is digital and everything that is being written is transmitted via the cell phone to another source a world away.  With pinpoint GPS accuracy or location and solid information.  That is the mindset we have created for use in these cyber terroristic times.

Cyber terrorists cost more worldwide that physical blood-curdling terrorism and are ignored by all. 

Financial hackers affect billions annually and cost every single one of our time, money and aggravation, which we can ill-afford.

Why then do you individually download APPS to your Smartphones, knowing full well that the APP is spying on you and can copy all your personal information?

Why do corporations, who demand you give them freely all your financial information and I.D. Numbers never protect you from the hacker?

Is it that we are risk takers, gamblers or just plain stupid?

Corporate Board members, Chief Executive Officers are employees and can be fired or dismissed at will.  Their failure is obvious and Shareholders and Customers alike should screaming Blue Bloody Murder over these daily cyber thefts!

Then again as individuals, YOU must understand how to protect your own information too!

If you won't WE will!

Our Red Tagged Division was formed from a successful group of "like-minded" corporate individuals who are far from the "norm".  Collectively we know our cyber security business inside out and from both sides of the cyber fence. Approaching with candor previously unknown in the "geek and nerd" world of computers.

No one and we mean no one has the mind or tool set to combat this aggressive and progressive dire issue.  Hacking, Phishing, and Man in the Middle Brutal Attacks are not slowing down and corporately the public is being compromised with extreme cost.

Who we are?
  • Origin in Counter Terrorism from 1976
  • Global organization with offices in Europe and US
  • Trusted Partnerships with specialists
  • Cyber Forensic Archaeologists
  • Specialized in Cyber Security
  • Hands-On Security Consultants
  • Security Innovators
Importantly we can talk one on one. Red Tagged is not there to slap or embarrass you or your Information Technology Department. 

Red Tagged is here to show you your issues, recommend security changes and importantly, leave you with on-going security measures in "real time" to protect all your daily and future needs.  Importantly your shareholders, customers, and clients.
It is all about Duty of Care and Corporate Governance!

So in true Red Tagged style, Do Not Ignore Us!

We Are Not Going To Ignore The Cyber Terroristic Issues!

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