Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Proactivity Is The Demanded Requirement From This Day Forward

Proactivity Is The Demanded Requirement in Global Security,
Both Physical Terrorism and Cyber Crime.
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

Having a foot in both camps of both physical counter and cyber terrorism for thirty-nine (39) years or more, means we have seen and been involved in the worst situations this world has seen.

Information gathering in this digital age is seen by most as the ultimate defense as long as it is not just stored in a data silo.  

There are not enough intelligence eyes, ears and algorithms to be on top of the morons of terror.  For both physical and cyber terror it has to be a mixture of human and digital searching.  It takes a special commitment with a working knowledge.  Knowing it is all time sensitive.

Atmospherics, the collection of street chatter is just as important.  

Most will have never heard of Atmospherics, it has saved our rear ends in a war against the Irish Republican Army, the Red Brigade (Baader-Meinhof), Iraq, Afghanistan and the rest of the world's terror spots. 

It is all about chatter, humans cannot keep their mouths shut and discuss their plans and successes in great detail.  Just like the local burglar, he would spend his ill-gotten gains at the local pub and we all know that with a few beers, the mouth runs and information flows.  That is where used Atmospherics in the old days.

It is the same for cyber hackers, they want recognition for their success and discuss on social media and in Internet cafes.  Things have not really changed in how we must gather information.

That is why the formation of IRATC (International Repository of Analysis for Terrorism/Cyber Crimes) was formed.

The software is proven and working internationally and in over 650 law enforcement departments.  It has proven its worth in event predictability for the US D.O.D.  It is not just for internal use, it has a public information capability for all to see the crimes and their locations.

It is a solid bridge for communications of crime issues between all nations and simply links all, with solid facts.

Knowing both sides of these actions, you understand that the terrorist wants to instill FEAR in all, whether physical attacks or cyber, it is all about FEAR!

It is returning to the COMFORT ZONE that is all important...

Let us take this short journey together...

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