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Why Has H.R. Been So Misunderstood For More Than A Century?

Why Has H.R. Been So Misunderstood 
For More Than A Century?
by Nick Ashton, CEO/CTO, CommSmart Global Group of Companies

What is it with Boards, C-Suite, C-Level, CEOs, Department Heads, Employees and the H.R. Management Team? 

Simple, they have no idea what an H.R. department is really for and their existing talent within!

Human Resources was invented at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, for those that have no idea when or what that is, Google it!

What’s your response when you are asked, “What’s your corporation’s biggest asset?”

If the reply is not, “my employees,” then, human resources needs to play a larger role within your business. Most likely, you need an experienced chief human resources officer on your executive management team or even invite the existing head of H.R. to the table and let them explain, uninterrupted what they see as their role of them for the corporation.

Human resources is rarely or even appreciated for providing thoughtful and substantial leadership. Instead, most companies hire a senior HR professional to report to the chief operating officer or the chief financial officer, trivializing the profession into a function rather than an all-encompassing discipline, integral to incubating corporate success.

Open the door and let them sit and the adult’s table and not with the children as is done at Thanksgiving and Christmas in the family household! 
They have so much to offer!

Once that happens and for your shareholders and customer’s sake it better, extremely quickly, as they can introduce them to a socially accepted H.R. Solution for you to understand.

The ‘passions, competencies, hard and soft skill sets’ of your invested talent capital and where the next moves are for your Key Battlefields for the corporation.

Until then, you are completely ignorant of what you already possess as a successful growth factor for all.  Underutilization is a major cost factor and H.R. will bring you the missing elements, increasing profits.  Stop looking at H.R. in a negative manner!

They are not step-children, they are a major asset and use them as such!

The C-Suite must respect how human resources contributes their companies’ growth and productivity, but it seems that they view human resources as a non revenue producing function limited to personnel management.  That is if, in the first place they understand what Human Resources can achieve once at the table.

H.R. belongs in the C-suite not only for their role in managing companies’ critical asset, its talent pool, but also because they make the C-suite team more effective. 

H.R. supports and focus the team as a cohesive unit and by doing so, support the CEO’s mission and with their skills in organizational psychology, can arguably better manage, setting it all in perspective.

This why CommSmart Global and our proven H.R. solution, ZoooMeee, is used in Europe, not only as a successful corporate H.R. tool, but as the unemployment solution for a nation, reducing the welfare roll by leaps and bounds.  It is a reversal of fortune, it brings the vacancies to the job seeker. It is a socially acceptable H.R. tool, which is all the information right in front of your eyes for all to understand.

It is about pure consideration from all sides.  The corporate Key Battlefields, the inner talent capital and what is required for the future.  Yes, planning with all understanding the goals and aspirations.

It is how this will CHANGE it ALL, that is what we do as a professional global organization that brings that fresh green field aroma to you, your company, shareholders and importantly your clients/customers.

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