Sunday, April 10, 2016

Solicitation of Foreign Campaign Donations is Illegal Ted!

Solicitation of Foreign Campaign Donations is Illegal Ted!

I normally never mix business and politics, but with recuperation from replacement knee surgery and my mindset, I just had to!

It is my third response to Ted Cruz regarding my unwanted emails from his sleazy campaign team. 

"Thank goodness that my email server has more sense than Ted Cruz!
This is a email scam...
Ted, why are you sending out unsolicited emails to millions of people demanding their support your pathetic campaign?
I have responded three times asking the question and telling you to 'Go Forth and Multiple'.
Yes Fuck Off!
 I have listen in pain to your voice, intonation, diction and content. It is more than annoying than your lying and kindergarten platform.
I do not like you, trust you or would ever support such a sleaze and your excuse for a campaign team.
Please remove me from your list forthwith.
Oh, by the way you are soliciting a foreign donation which under election law is illegal!
This has been been forwarded to the right authorities, it is a crime to to do those!"
Here is the original email from Cruz: 


As we travel the country talking to voters, we wanted to take a few minutes to give you a quick update on how things have been going.

An overwhelming victory in Wisconsin and other pivotal states has turned national attention to our conservative, optimistic message. This is the defining moment in the campaign and support is turning our way. While other campaigns have real concerns about their viability going forward, we are setting fundraising records and winning states. It is an understatement to say that our competitors and the Washington Cartel are worried. They are very worried.

In the past year we have built our campaign for this very moment. While our competitors were focused on shiny objects and flashy campaign slogans, we were busy building a robust grassroots operation. We have team members in districts across the country. We have a voter data operation that is unparalleled. And a grassroots support network that has been powered by people just like you.

Our win in Wisconsin changed the race. We were not supposed to win there, but we did so resoundingly. We are ready to now capitalize on it. But we could use your additional support to help us get to the next level.

Will you pledge $5 or more to support us on the Road to Victory?  While it may not sound like much $5 makes a huge, immediate difference.

Your support and the support of millions of Americans is what has gotten us this far. We hope we can count on you one more time!

Thank you for all you do,

Team Cruz


For those on Linkedin, who will say this has no place on this site... grow up!

Electioneering and criminal acts to individuals and corporation have their place here as well as every other unsocial medium.

Voters Be Warned! 


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