Friday, July 8, 2016

A Dark Night For Those in Blue Suits & America...

A Dark Night For Those in Blue Suits & America...
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group of Companies

A peaceful protest as you all know, has turned into the worst killing and shooting of Police Officers in American history.

The sniper factor has always been in law enforcement's minds, but never expected.  That now has been broken in a deadly manner.  

The Anti-Cop Mentality has taken a step we never wished to see or hear.

This carefully planned assassination attack coincided with a peaceful protest regarding the recent police shooting over the last few days. The intent, although yet to be determined, seems to be to kill as many police officers as possible. From the media reports and statements by Dallas Police Department, the individuals involved had planned this action and knew the downtown area well.

This has changed the protection of any type of protest in any American city, which includes the largest events over the next ten days of a political nature. 

The Republican National Convention is taking place in downtown Cleveland from July 18th, will now be reviewed and changed.  

What security changes occur are not for publication and nor should be!  The right to protest should now be cancelled due to the nature of the killings in Dallas, Texas.  Security of all, both those that wished to protest and the police officers that would be required to protect the situation.

This premeditated attack on law enforcement took a large step to formal anarchy and has gained the nation's attention.  This was domestic terrorism and any other connection is yet to be determined.

The Day in the Life of a Blue Suit dramatically changed last night in Dallas. 

No city or gathering is going to be viewed in the same way and nor should it be. Law enforcement nationwide in all cities, towns and counties need your support, comfort and any information you might know regarding threats against our Thin Blue Line.

This is not the time to debate what type of guns were used, it does not matter. This is not a gun control issue and could possibly have been a spur of the moment attack.  To date we know rifles were used and could be of any type of rifle, which can be purchased anywhere. 

Never will a protest be the same, gatherings where there is a police presence is now a target.  It seems from the event last night law enforcement is more than laying their lives on the line each every moment of the day or location.

Your help is demanded, 'See Something, Say Something' is absolutely required. Family members, friends, coworkers or even strangers talk, you hear something that is of a violent nature being planned or making statements of terroristic manner, report it!

Now it is the time for due process, let us gather the facts before jumping to conclusions.


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