Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Snippets of Video,Today's Communication Skills and Anger Towards Law Enforcement.

Snippets of Video, Today's
Communication Skills and Anger
Towards Law Enforcement.

For the majority, police officers have what they call, normal days that follow the typical shift problems.  The morning shift is the quietest until the later afternoon swaps and then it progresses to the night time of a different world.

Officers have been programmed for their daily grind.  Then again, it does not always follow the 'norm'.

With the incidents and criminals becoming more bizarre in this unsocial world, you must understand that police officers are human beings with specific training to work in their communities.  They have problems, issues and concerns and yes, they do get out of bed on the wrong side and react differently than normal. Don't you?

Remember, 'the people are the police and the police are the people'.  This is part of the '9 Peelian Principles', the 'Policeman's Bible'

Police officers live in neighborhoods and are just like you and me.  They are not super human with special powers, only the powers of the laws on the books.

Society has changed from the days of television police shows, 'Dixon of Dock Green', 'Streets of San Francisco', 'Inspector Morse' or 'The Naked City' to name but a few.  Those are television and not what really happens, though, we all have been indoctrinated by these and other programs.

Societal change has impacted us all.  Social media in all forms is being used for inciting riots, bullying and portraying incidents and not always the truth.  There is never the full event of the incident recorded or broadcast.  These 'video snippets' cause more problems than solutions.

Alton Sterling: Video 'shows US police shooting black man in Louisiana'

There are bad people in society, both citizens and police officers, but you cannot take the law into your own hands.  It will all come out in the wash!

Yes, there are procedures that must be adhered too, whether you like it or not!

The majority of citizens are good people and so are the police.  Do you know the pressures of protecting communities from an increasing criminal element or those that have mental issues and should be cared for in a facility?

It is all about communications, from when the 911 call first comes in and the detail supplied by the caller.  This is vital, it will be relayed to the officers and should be in full detail, so they know what they getting into.  It is not always communicated that way, that can be an issue.

Today we do have more information at hand with crime mapping, analytics and predictive analysis. That makes the difference for all concerned.

From both sides, citizens and law enforcement have to have a far better understanding.  Yes, it is a 'them and us' issue.  Both sides are reactionary and not always in a peaceful way.

From both sides, deal in facts and not by 'hearsay' or inconclusive videos.  The officers and the majority of the bystanders always arrive after the incident is over.  Then is when speculation begins and is seen in many different ways.

This is a time to take a deep breath and rely on reality, not half truths.

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