Wednesday, September 14, 2016

STOP! Ask the Questions...

Ask the Questions...
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

What is wrong with asking a question?

Nothing...  CommSmart Global Group's team have ears, eyes, voices, an email address, Skype, Hangouts, and even a telephone number.  

Oh sorry, we gave up the Fax decades ago!

So you have no idea about Digital Policing and what?  

Afraid to ask!

No, it is nothing to do with whether you need an umbrella or not!  In the military and law enforcement, we could not live or succeed without Atmospherics!
It is not the days of ‘Evening All’, Dixon of Dock Green, Z Cars, NCIS, Major Crimes, Morse or the Sweeney on television that solved crimes in under sixty minutes minus fifteen minutes of commercials.

Here is the reason why!

The general concept of Atmospherics and considering our social networks, communications, and modern living arrangements it is a vastly different world that I was introduced to on the parade square of Hendon, training for the Metropolitan Police. 

Today, our social atmosphere is dominated by the "silent language" of wireless networks and digital communications which are ever changing and it is not uncommon to see couples or groups of individuals sitting together but totally involved in their personal cell phone, ignoring the presence of the others.

Recent research studies have discovered the importance of other silent languages such as body, temporal, and spatial languages in our social interactions and practitioners in all fields have continued to try and understand and exploit their uses, including in criminal investigations, interrogations, and predictive analysis. 



If we consider a working definition of the concept of atmosphere as the social “silent communicator” of a geographical, political, social or criminal circles that can transmit and contain infrastructures that describe the attitudes, feelings, ideas, and intentions, of those within or a part of those circles, then it is absolutely tantamount, that Law Enforcement understand and analyze this portion of the social dialogue to effectively respond to and prevent crime and terrorism in this modern dynamic, silent atmosphere.  

If this source of information is routinely missing from your department's planning and response to developing a method of operations, conducting investigations, developing community relations and intelligence gathering then you are only dealing with a small part of the evidence/fact acquiring equation. 

This also has colossal implications for community policing and problem-solving activities within our communities as a data gathering and analytical tool.

The days have long gone of the thief, standing at pub bar, smoking, drinking and running his mouth of what he has just succeeded in pulling off.  

Today, it is social media of all forms and running their fingers and thumbs that allow law enforcement to drill-down on the crimes and connections.

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Now at the fingertips of those that protect and serve.  Law enforcement is people and people are the police and vice versa.

It is the CommSmart way to present our information to you or through our Super 1829 Symposiums which are powerful mentoring and coaching full day events.

Law enforcement has radically changed since the days of Sir Robert Peel and his Nine Peelian Principles, though, they are the basis of policing and when connected to strategic technology and change agency, times change for the betterment of all, this includes of course community and law enforcement agencies. 

That is the CommSmart Global Group Way!

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