Monday, September 12, 2016

Time to process society or do YOU continue to ignore?

By Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

We are all not this stupid, are we?  

Do you go home at night, close the blinds and believe that all is well with the world?  So many of you do and want the outside world to go away.


You and your family are living in a bubble if you think that.  over eighty percent of all crime is connected to drugs.  People steal, burglarize, con and feed their drug induced habits on what you own and possess.  

Even members of your own family and you do what?  


Ohio has a statistic not to be proud of Gov. John Kasich.  Drug overdoses by the hundreds per week.  People are dying and being pulled back for the claws of death by Heroin overdose on a daily basis.

What do we do, arm EMT's with Narcan, the wonder drug, to save their lives, to live for another fix, which eventually will kill them!

Look at this sad, pathetic couple who are just a sample and example of the US and global drug problem that can proactively be resolved, reduced and quelled.

Law enforcement agencies are expected to be babysitters for grown-ups and always be there!  
They cannot!

Other family members, if not users and traffickers themselves, know this is going on and what do they do, close their minds and say it is not their problem.


Law enforcement agencies, the proactive use of ATMOSPHERICS, a collective crime fighting tool makes the difference.  CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risks Solutions Partner, has developed and proven that this proactive tool set is the answer and has revolutionized professional crime fighting.

Social Media is a honey pot of information, people cannot keep their mouths and quiet.  They tell the world with their electronic fingers and thumbs and use like a cornucopia bulletin board or how the local pub or bar was the lifeblood of criminal information.  It is an information supply chain if you know how you can use Atmospherics

Hence our Social Media Monitoring, Crime Analytics, Community Crime Mapping and Predictive Analysis prevails.

Cost effective, proactive and a Change that your Communities demand!

Do not sit by, sipping on that cup of coffee, make that cup of coffee's price work for you, for a simple cup of coffee per week, per sworn officer, we will make the difference!

Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group was interviewed on Social Media Monitoring, Crime Analytics, Community Crime Mapping, Predictive Analysis and importantly the foundation of Intelligence Gathering, Social Media Monitoring, whilst in San Diego.

Atmospherics is the CHANGE Agent of Success from the street level police officer through all levels of law enforcement management.Now at the fingertips of those that protect and serve.  Law enforcement is people and people are the police and vice versa.

It is the CommSmart way to present our information to you or through our Super 1829 Symposiums which are powerful mentoring and coaching full day events.

Law enforcement has radically changed since the days of Sir Robert Peel and his Nine Peelian Principles, though, they are the basis of policing and when connected to strategic technology and change agency, times change for the betterment of all, this includes of course community and law enforcement agencies. 

That is the CommSmart Global Group Way!

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