Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The Autonomy Of Law Enforcement Agencies Fail Us All!

The Autonomy Of Law
Enforcement Agencies Fail Us All!
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO.CIO, CommSmart Global Group

Failure to share crime data in its immediacy is a crime in itself.

These agencies that don't want their crime data being shared with their next-door neighboring county or city is foolish and a detriment to society.

Grow Up for goodness sake!

These days the ability to share information is an instant operation, we do it every single day and catch criminals and predictively stop crime.  Our clients know the capabilities of data sharing and the cause and effect which brings back Trust & Respect to our communities. 

The U.K. & U.S.A. are nations of procrastinators and failed meeting moguls. Talk is so cheap and although it seems you are doing something positive, you are not!  It is all flash, smoke, and mirrors.

Police ICT is the perfect example of those that run their mouths in their little click groups and 'balls' to the people!  Even the Police Unions, Federations or Foundations have their inner agendas and screw the membership!

What good is digital policing in 2025? 

Technology is changing faster than their ability to understand the demanded needs of fighting crime today. With budgets and frustrated officers who are leaving the force in droves, leaving an experience vulnerability as a target for the criminal and terrorist.

The College of Policing, Police Academies or any law enforcement training center are so behind the times it is sickening.  Sir Robert Peel's Nine Peelian Principles stand firm today, 188 years since the inception.  Add the 10th Principle, technology and you a far better with proactive means to serve and protect.

The attitude of failure to even see that they are wrong has blinded them and guidance is required, if not demanded.

I am not interested in being your friend or cuddling up with a niche group who will only be buddy-buddy to those that will buy them lunch or the next Martini.  

We are in the business of providing answers that work and work well, have solutions that have been in place for 21 years plus, with advancements in societal change, ideology, and cultural issues.

Yes, we are straight talking with the proof to back it up.  I can't make you converse with us, but the sensibility of those that you supposedly serve, see your failures.  Scratching their heads that you can be so audacious in your selfish actions.

We hold no malice to anyone, just complete dumbfoundedness of your pathetic actions.

Smile and laugh at our attitude if that is all you can do.  There many who stand beside us, working to protect their communities as they should.

We are here and will be here long after you have been toppled by those that have the sense to see the error of your ways.

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