Saturday, September 23, 2017

Did You Shop At The Nuclear War Store & Ready For The Weekend?

Did You Shop At The Nuclear War Store
& Ready For The Weekend?
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

I've got my television, satellite, over the air, Hulu, bottled water, Scotch, Vodka, beer, stuff to munch on and my laptop with a strong Internet connection, what more could I want on this Frazzled Nuclear Weekend?  

I  am glad I am located in the Mid-West and not Guam or Hawaii, at least I am further away from that North Korean Chuckling Dingbat.

There is no sane reason this man should be threatening the US or any other part of the world with insane megalomaniac actions, comments, and outlandish nuclear threats. 

China has now cut off ties with North Korea economically.  Russia has moved in missiles and Japan quivers!  Something is not right, no matter how you look at it.

We do not want a Chamberlain, 'Peace In Our Time' speech from 1938, look what that got us, WII!

WE must stand firm on any action that is a threat to the USA and its territories. 

A war in 2017 is vastly different than 1939, even the Korean war of the 50's.  It is not about bullets anymore, it is about nuclear bombs!  

Total annihilation of human beings!

So check in at the Nuclear Supply Protection Store, get your potato chips, a variety of dips, packs of beer and do not forget frozen pizzas, it is going to be a nail-biting weekend and the Football seasons, both British and American are available!

Keep one eye on Fox News as they have their eyes and ears on the situation. 

The Twitter feed is also alive and well.

You better be locked and loaded with a stash of food and drink.  If in Iowa, go visit October Feast or the Latino Festival.  

I know I must be nuts to even think of a Nuclear War, but today, anything is possible

Hope I see you Monday and not through a dissipating mushroom cloud!

Happy Frazzled Weekend!

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