Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Budget Shortfalls - Why Is Money Left On the Streets Awaiting Collection

Budget Shortfalls
Why Is Money Left On the Streets Awaiting Collection
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

Money, 'the root of all evil' has never sounded so close to home.

Our new Iowa governor has now had to face the reality of money shortfalls, failed budgets and paying the bills for all the people she represents in the state of Iowa. 

Governor Kim Reynolds was the #2 in the state as the former Lt. Governor but had no part in passing any budgets or signing the passed legislation, but she is now facing the problems front and center.

Firstly, a budget is nothing more than fantasy land, as they never balance and crystal balls do not work for politicians or fortune tellers at the fair.  

The budget shortfall started earlier in the year as reported by the Des Moines Register:

"A new state fiscal year begins July 1, and the Iowa Legislative Services Agency has warned that state revenues for the past 11 months have fallen about $97 million short of projections. The Republican-led Iowa Legislature has already approved $118 million in budget cuts this year and has withdrawn another $131 million from the state's cash reserves to fill financial gaps."

CommSmart Global Group, a LexisiNexis Risk Solutions Partner met with the Iowa Department of Revenue to discuss the announced shortfall earlier in the year.  Offering a proven solution to locating the missing monies through fraud that we know are literally laying on the streets.  Also showing how this is occurring and more to the point, the ability to stop, detect the culprits and putting into effect a formula to maintain the needed cash flow.

Our conversation is continuing...

Our proven solutions will stem the criminal actions of those scoffing the laws regarding failed taxation payments, identity clocking, non-existent building permits and those totally circumventing paying collected sales taxes.

This is not some wild scheme that may work, it is working and repatriating millions and millions of unpaid monies to states in the USA.  All occurs with a simplistic usage of data and information and our abilities to track, trace and outing the culprits.

The state of Iowa cannot afford not to accept our solution as there is literally no risk as the cost or investment is neigh zero!  Of course, there is a cost, so minuscule it has made other states climb on board to increase their rightful monies that are being lost, unknown and hidden by those that are placing financial pressure on the citizens of the state with shortfalls.

Believe you me, we know what we can do, Ohio was able to collect over $100 million in just one year.

Counties and cities, it works for you too!

Contact us to find out more details:

USA:     (515) 300.6130 or (330) 366.6860
Europe: 072 4059420

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