Sunday, June 11, 2017

Secure With The Circle Of Digital Policing Fire

Circle Of Digital Policing Fire
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

There is a sickening burning smell in the air and yes, the smoke detectors are sounding.  The smell of increased crime by criminals who know they can get away with it and have no respect for society or the law.

As with forest firefighters, we utilize the art of setting fires to stop the growth of an out of control fire by starving it of fuel.  Similarly, this works with criminals and with their crimes.  

It starts with proactive awareness in both the community and police agencies.  That can only happen when Community Policing is ever present and not just a few times a year. Prominently providing current and up-to-date data/information to all, across all agencies with no borders for knowledgeable, usable facts in the palm of their hands.

Placing data in silos is an entire waste of time and when it is accessed by analysts, the resulting statistics are so far out of date, they are useless.  We know how to use it successfully NOW!

Fire and Crime Watch are a Constant!

Two-way information flow must be brought back to the forefront through developed community street programs like the Pied Piper Project which has a two-pronged purpose of awareness of what a community must be involved in and informing the hardened or ‘wannabe’ criminal what he or she will expect when caught. 

The art is prevention by instilling ‘fear’ into being caught in the first place.  Just like we must do with Islamist Terrorists, to break down their ideology and cultural aggressions.

See Something, Say Something is not just about the terror plotters, it is about communities that want Trust, Respect & Pride to resurface, maintaining and improving their societal structure once again.

CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risk Solutions Partner has decades of street smart experience with a global team that knows the crime factors, society breakdowns and importantly, the dire loss of public safety services.

The ‘Fear Factor’ answers from politicians and management, like ‘we don’t have the money or we have more important things right now’, are lame and pathetic excuses!

To ignore Progressive Proven Digital Policing, believing we will go away, fade into oblivion is senseless, we are going nowhere, whilst all forms of crime grows.  Communities have the right to be restless on the public safety services failing, due to the catastrophe of ‘Political Correctness’ and ‘out of touch’ leadership and politicians.

Reduction of services is costing billions to all. A police agency or department, who has no additional monies due to budget cuts, knows so well what it now takes to patrol the streets, answer calls, solve the crime and always be ready for the unexpected!  The public has expected you to protect and serve and that in itself is a just a glimmering light in the distance!

It used to be great to be a cop, respected by all, smiling faces as you interacted with the public, which you are one of.  Then it all changed!

It is about interaction!  There are police officers who are wondering ‘what the hell did they ever get themselves in the job in the first place for, that has done an 180-degree turn, from being a pleasant shift to an unknown factor of uncertainty.

Some may and do say that we are very direct in our communications, including social media interactions and ‘in your face’ on these failings.  We have every right and someone has to take the ‘the bull by the horns’, pulling back on the out of control reins, making others listen to the increasing crime issues and decreasing budgets, which do not correlate to successful protecting and serving!
There is a far better-proven method which is available, working in over a thousand police agencies with success.

CommSmart Global Group and our Risk Solutions Partner, LexisNexis are standalone in the Art of Data Triangulation:
Our capabilities and delivery are second to none, translation of your data is cost saving factor as we have agreements with the majority of CAD/RMS providers. 

Our analytics, especially predictive, are proven and honed with the Department of Defense in America’s global war zones with reliability.  Now all available for our streets which are progressively worsening.

We ask one simple thing that law enforcement agencies are good at, asking questions, investigating, listening and then when all said and done, an applicable decision can be determined. Until then, the policing and community problems get worse and worse and then, there will be no turning back!

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