Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Spoils of Grocery Shopping - Act Before the Rot Sets In!

The Spoils of Grocery Shopping
Act Before the Rot Sets In!
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

The so-called battle of the giants and 'little people' has begun.  

Amazon has no idea of the power of local/regional collective supermarkets in the USA and the fight they have within.  

There is a story of David and Goliath and we all know the outcome!  All David had was a slingshot and a rock, today there is so much more that can bring the downfall of a giant!

Local/Regional supermarket chains importantly have a growing knowledge of today's social media interaction through the likes of CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risk Solutions Partner.

It is all about the 'Art of the Possible' and melding the spoken word, (advertising), social media interaction and global know-how.  Not just in 140 characters on Twitter or a Facebook posting, it is the extensive messaging of visual video that can know accompany these social media interactions with loyal and new customers/clients.

Years ago, I knew Mr. Jenkins who started Publix in Florida and can never forget his tenacity or his pinstriped Publix suit he wore each day made an impression on me. He was a grass root kinda guy, who had his finger on the button, knew his shoppers and was seen in many Publix stores daily.  He knew nothing about social media as it had not hit any of us yet, he just knew people and their habits. 

Common sense communications are still the basis of the 'art form of solid communication', although now, it is not with spoken words, it is with 'Fingers & Thumbs'!

The deforestation of grocery shopping by a slightly profitable Amazon has issued a challenge to all of us that shop at the grocery store.  

Are we ready to become even lazier in how we live our lives?  Or does walking the aisles of smiles with offer after offer, flashing LEDs and '2 for 1 bargains at the local grocery store, feel kinda objective to you?  It should, it is feeding you to maintain your stress-free life!

The idea and concepts of online shopping are not new! In fact, I was home delivering back in 1963!  Albeit on a delivery bicycle with a large basket on the front, I would bring the groceries to those in the village which they ordered by telephone.  As a youngster, I expanded to the summer holiday season for those renting chalets to have their groceries there for their arrival.  It was lucrative for the family supermarket and for me understanding a business model.  

Grocery 'peddle power', so to speak!

Online grocery shopping has been tried for over twenty years by Sainsbury's & Tesco in the U.K., some success but not what was expected.  

This is not a 'fresh idea' and that is where the issues lie!  


Shoppers want fresh vegetables, bread, meat, and fish, dry ice packed in a container does keep products or the produce fresh.  So that is just one side of the spoils of grocery shopping online.

CommSmart Global Group's marketing and social attribute skills are more than just logic, they are grounded in life.  Technology or progress is not to be feared when there are those that can lead, explain and implement the necessary steps for success in a down-to-earth conversational manner.

The only negative is time and procrastination.  Once those fears are quickly removed and resolved, then the success begins. 

Local/Regional supermarket chains can move far faster and profitably than a giant!




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