Saturday, July 29, 2017

So What's The Time?

So What's The Time?
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

Are we really concerned about time anymore?

Remember when you could sneak a peek at someone's watch on their wrist when in a meeting, without looking at your own?  Can't do that so much anymore with the black smartwatch faces, which you draw a blank from. Resulting in having to look at your own watch without during attention to your concerns on time.

Time was back in mid 70's, I had no idea that our computer company, ComputerMart was going to lead to such a career in this cyber world in such a manner.  Or in 1982 having the first dedicated email system with Commerical Databanks, using Texas Instrument 'Dumb Terminals' was going to lead to spammers and hackers wanting so much of our private information.

The precise changes in passwords to 'Device DNA', really forgetting to remember passwords as the computer or smart device does it for you.  It is all about 'Trusted Devices'.  Under our Netherlands company 'Red Tagged' we have made in-roads to secure us all.

Of course our crime/predictive analytics with our Risk Solutions Partner, LexisNexis is always at the forefront as is our Social media Interaction capabilities.  

Social is Local, do not forget it!  That is the heart of our symposiums, coaching and mentoring on the most underestimated finger & thumb activity on the planet!

Now, CommSmart Global Group has introduced a technology that we started on some 7 years ago, Low Emission Bluetooth that can transmit and receive for 100 yards or more.  Back then the beacon business was a pipe dream and could never have been cost effective.  Equipment was so expensive and out of reach for the mass market.  Now we can lease GO Beacons for little as 41 cents a day! You cannot mail a letter to one person for that!  

Yep, it is about time and timing!

Our GO Gathering Optimizer Beacon is the newest wave of information dissemination or advertising/information transference.  Fancy words for 'your'e never alone anymore'!  The ability to be transmitting from such a small device marketing information, which is received via Smartphones in their notification section, is unique, timely and more to the point, effective.

It is a Non-Invasive Notification (NIN) silent and does disappear after a while, so not to be aggravating to the smartphone user.

This is just the beginning of our capabilities and we shall be expanding over the coming months with other LE Bluetooth techniques.  

Exciting times you might say for global change from within a state that is known for corn, beef, and pork.  Yes, Des Moines, Iowa is at the heart of our business which spreads globally under the CommSmart Global Group umbrella.

Look at the time!  Must dash as sleep awaits me and a dream about our next project for success!

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