Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Something You Rarely See Today!

Something You Rarely See Today!


How do you get your news?  Is news just old information which is only for the inquisitive?  Can you change it, affect its outcome or even do something to have stopped it.  Just old really old news which is only for storage and to just accept.

Just look at these photographs I took in July 2017.  It made me stop, go back and go inside Panera Bread and ask if they minded me taking a photograph of this whole unexpected event! 

The results!

Old fashion printed matter and the way they like it each day, as they spend their retirement from the insurance industry.  You see, I had a chat as well!

Look how we get our news today, instant with 24/7 news networks and some networks that just pander to 'Fake News' all day long!

Now we have brought you ProxComm Technology, proximity location-based-marketing, ( for more information.

So that was the old news of the day!

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