Monday, March 12, 2018

ProxComm Technology Just Blew The Lid Off Proximity Location-Based Marketing

ProxComm Technology Just Blew The Lid Off Proximity Location-Based Marketing
With Multi-Notifications & Enhanced QR Codes.

It is a world of information and today, you cannot live without it.

If you don’t know it, you Google it!

Everyone is marketing something and how they reach you, to inform you and make you know that they have what you’re looking for, has changed forever.

The Smartphone, right in the palm of your hand is your lifeblood on the information trail.

Any company that is marketing wares, it is the most directly relevant access available today.  It is always in the hands of your potential client or customer!  No one leaves home without their communications link, their Smartphone.

Radio, television, and newsprint cannot do that for you…

Today it all about the connection to the Internet of Things.

ProxComm Technology©, the Innovator of Pure Direct Proximity Location Based Marketing via Proximity Beacons and Enhanced QR Codes has the global edge, which you can take of advantage of NOW!

In plain English, it is a transmission from a small beacon which is received by Smartphones as ‘Notifications’, which are relevant calls to action.  Android Smartphones, which there is over 67% in the USA, receive without the need for an App.  Apple, which is 31% of Smartphones require an App.  When opened, they inform the recipient of a whole new world of exciting usable information.

Then, there is the ProxID Enhanced QR Code© which all Smartphones can scan and open the same exciting, relevant marketing world.

Now we can send ten notifications from one Proximity beacon or a scanned Enhanced QR Code!  

The Relevance of Marketing Power!

There is not a business that cannot be without our ProxComm Technology which is the most affordable investment for your business in direct marketing.

As you can see our Proximity Mobile Apps are simple, take a look.

Anyone within the proximity of a beacon, the information is now on their Smartphone.  If they have the App, it opens a whole new world.  If they don’t have the App, don’t worry, they are not being left out of the offers, specials or general information.  Our Enhanced QR Code Emulates our ProxComm Proximity Beacons for all.

It is an information potpourri of usable and accessible information that will save you money, cut down on searching and enhance the lives of all.

We are a world of shoppers, now you have access to all, to inform incentivize and excite!

All business can use this amazing technology and increase the awareness to those that are in their business proximity.

Exciting, Affordable Investment and Available NOW!
Global Availability!

Telephone: (515) 200-7068
Connect, Engage, Communicate… Be Heard & Seen!