Saturday, March 10, 2018

Aisles of Smiles Dating Game - The Proximity Location Based Beacon & Enhanced QR Code

The Proximity Location Based Beacon & Enhanced QR Code
Aisles of Smiles Dating Game

It has been going on for decades, meeting in the grocery aisles!  Walking the aisles with smiles, surveying the singles with the same intent as you!

Now, Supermarkets can bring you together with special evenings.  Especially when they have an attached restaurant with a bar!

ProxComm Technology has developed the ability to be in the grocery store and knowing others, with the same intention, are cruising the aisles of smiles as well.  Aisles of Smiles Dating...

The Wall Street reported:

'When Bob Schneider goes out on a Friday night, he no longer heads to the local singles bar. Instead, he goes to the grocery store.

“I once dated a woman from the potato section at Mariano’s,” says Mr. Schneider, a 67-year-old semiretired, twice-divorced lobbyist in Oak Brook, Ill. “The next thing you know we’re at the wine bar and then we’re dating.”

Supermarkets—those havens of the not-so-scintillating chore of scouring numbered aisles, pushing carts and perusing produce—are finding a new identity as a social hub in communities. Parents now bring their children here to play, retirees gather for Bingo, and singles find romance.
Grocery stores are fulfilling the new role as traditional gathering spots, from shopping malls to social clubs like Lions Clubs and Rotary International, continue to shrink from decades-earlier peaks. Malls, in particular, are in danger of extinction. Credit Suisse has projected that up to 25% of malls will close over the next five years, as the internet continues to reshape the way Americans shop.
As more shoppers consider alternatives including online shopping apps and meal kits, grocers are finding ways to avoid a similar fate. Many are reinventing themselves as destination spots.'
So, ProxComm Technology brings the Mobile App for Shopping Cart Dating!

If you are the Supermarket who wants to be better than Amazon and their Whole Foods operation, contact us and serve your customers an additional reason to shop with you!

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