Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Recent Email Response Regarding Proximity Beacon Marketing Straight To the Point!

Recent Email Response Regarding
Proximity Beacon Marketing
Straight To the Point!


Thank you for reaching out to us.

Yes, you can reach Smartphones with a Notification within a proximity of your location.  Google 'Nearby' allows Android phones to receive the notification if it is relevant information and not just Ad Clutter.  Meaning that others have opened the Notification and not push it away and dismissed it in volume. Google filters garbage information.

Certain companies who market proximity beacons are being restricted to these issues. 

ProxComm Technology has never been filtered and has an excellent relationship with Google.

67% of all Smartphones in the USA are Android, with App having 30% of the mobile phone market.  Globally, Android has 80%+.

Apple in its wisdom requires a Mobile App to receive Notifications.  For large companies, a Mobile App is how they cover all Smartphones.  As an individual not so much.  You could have one, but the cost would outweigh your goal.

Our website states that all Smartphones can see Notifications and we highlight that we have Mobile Apps, depending on your business and application.  It is a pure overview of what is available.  This is not a simple subject that our website is used for.  We like to know what a company is wanting and how they understand how the Proximity Beacons are used.

These articles are on our website within PDFs & Videos:

We are more than upfront on what Smartphones can or cannot see regarding proximity beacons.  We understand the content of a proximity beacon must be relevant and not Ad Clutter.  All clients and potential clients understand the full capability of proximity beacons and the success.

Having been the driving force and innovators globally for the last seven years in Asia, Europe, and the USA, we know the true capabilities of the marketing medium and work for hand in hand with our clients of all sizes.  From Supermarkets, healthcare, banks, auto-industry, public event centers and all retail, the usage is endless.

Our vital difference is also the type of content and our ability to transmit up to ten (10) notifications from one beacon.

This also applies to our Enhanced QR Codes.  Here is a QR Code which emulates a Proximity Beacon, please scan.

The simple fact is, through Proximity Beacons you will reach up to 67% more opportunities than ever before without a Mobile App. Our recommendation, depending on the size of company and potential is to have an App.

I hope I have answered all your listed questions. 

Please call me direct if you have more. (515) 200-7068



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