Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Did YOU Get the Email?

1, 5 or 100 Percent, which are you?
By Nick Ashton, CEO/Founder, Tracometry Group of Companies.

I not interested in low level input!  Commitment is all I ask!  We are all part of the masses and those that just follow are not really contributing to society.  We all have a position and it is always a leadership position.

I am not interested in followers in any sense of the word, socially or intellectually.  It is Leemings that commit mass suicide by jumping off the cliff and they are all followers.  It is leadership, conversation, ideas and innovation that wins through.

In politics it always amazes me, that a single house or congress member is gung-ho on making that difference, the power of one, so to speak, they can only make their opinion heard, not physically enact the final change in making other vote or raise their hand.


If someone is telling you that you part of the 1 or 5% out of millions, what does that really mean?  Merely you are a flea on an elephant's back!

I want real leaders in a team who are all in. In sports, coaches want players who are all in on the teams. Every single organization in the world wants employees who are team members and all in.

I played football (soccer), rugby, cricket and track/field and belonged to the drama group. All required the ability to be all in and a full team player.

Being ALL IN as a true leader means:

1. You don’t look at the hands or digital read on the clock, you are not punching a controlling time card. Your role is not defined by that traditional 9 – 5 attitude. You are a trusted and respected member of the team.

2. You get it done in a professional and timely manner. You are the manager/controller of your life, meaning that no one else has to worry about whether you are going to perform for all.

3. You know you are part of the larger vista than just yourself, and unassumingly accomplish the targeted goals because of an inner motivation.

4. Giving just that minimum amount of needed effort required to achieve, never even crosses your mind.

5. Your daily work-load and excellence is accomplished with pure motives. You are not worried about climbing the ladder or just impressing anyone. Although, a controlled ego is an excellent motivator.

6. We is much more important than me. If I win, the whole team wins. If the team wins, I win. Second place is not all bad either.

7. You are more than willing and motivated to improve on a daily basis. Getting restored at what you do is not a choice, it’s a requirement. We must learn every single day.

8. You maintain a high standard of excellence because the team/organization/brand demands it. It is you and you don’t want to let anyone else down on the team. It is not peer pressure, it is your lifestyle.

9. The vision compels you to greatness. Not the opposite as I have heard- saying, your greatness compelling the vision. Many leaders get this extremely backwards.

10. Your intentions and goals are very clear. I know what I’m getting, and I’m never concerned about any other motives.

So, is your 100% on board?

It is the SUM of the All that makes the difference!

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