Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Ten What?

I Just Met Moses…
By Nick Ashton, CEO/Founder, Tracometry Group of Companies.

Standing under the towering 1900’s chimney of an old school building, in a dark parking lot, on a below freezing evening, with your breath in front of you, is a shivering moment, but not one that brings goose bumps and that feeling you have been here before.

You are in the shadow of this safe house, a place young folks can feel a little safer than in their homes and on the streets.  It is an old school building converted into a church that has three stories that costs too much to heat and needs a good clean and lick of fresh paint.  The heart of the organization is higher than any of us and the individuals that are management, have hearts of gold and no wallet to match it.

The large wooden door was opened as the waiting kids parted, we entered the corridor that leads to rooms that hold the opportunity for a future. The basketball court, stage and bleachers acts as a church on Sundays, the basement has skateboarders weaving, the games room might have a few hustlers on cue.  This not only entertains these young people, it teaches, advises and gives them a chance to be among people who care, understanding that life today is far from the cakewalk some make it out to be.

Last evening, thirty-two children with issues that they have no idea they have, were under one roof, all for the same reason, to play, chat, feel good about themselves and be among adults that care and show them a whole different side of life.  The ability to not be looking over their shoulder on what is behind them, even in their own home, if they are lucky enough to have one.

Some have issues and characteristics that are concerns, bullying exists, social acceptability of their attitudes and lifestyles.  They are of all ages from 13 through 19, six years of separation for growing, seeking and wanting more than they have right now.  Their dress is simple to eclectic, from Goth to Low Riders, skin colors to tattoos, all under one roof for basically the same reason.  Help to get through the week, Friday is their day to be able to be under that one roof, for the right reasons, with the right people.

Oh, I mentioned Moses, before we got to see the kids, we had a meeting with the management and volunteers and Moses was there.  The evening’s plan was laid out and job assignments issued and Moses, listened, did not say a word and just took it all in.

As expected in this day and age, he had his smart phone in hand and intently manipulated the keyboard as we spoke.  It was the point when he placed the corner of the blue phone in his mouth.  It was that action made his mother make him stop! 

Moses is a two year old young man, whose Mother is on staff and Moses is seeing it all.  It is with his eyes that we need to view what is going on with our youth and what possible future they have.

Moses, a picture of innocence and undivided attention to the issues at hand.  Over the last decade the world has radically changed, once upon time our children would be having it better than us, no more, no chance and no way.
We have to help the Moses' of the world and those that have gone before him and those that are yet to emerge and take their first breath.

Our nations, communities, families and life itself, hang in a dire balance.  I believe Moses has more than just smart phones/tablets, he has communicated through his actions, including sucking on a smart phone and his eyes reaching out in such a simple manner.

Our Pied Piper Project was developed with Moses in mind, it is just that we had never met him until last night.  It is the philanthropic successful business owners, CEO’s, Presidents, do-gooders that want to have a legacy in ultimate change I want to talk with. 

This is not just one opportunity, it is every city USA.
Charity begins at home and this is home… your doorstep...

This is not charity, it is a profitable lifeline that can be the success these people deserve and the return and ROI will be immense, in more ways than you know…

No More Words… Actions Please! 

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