Wednesday, April 4, 2018

What is the profile of a killer? They Are Among Us...

What is the profile of a killer?

Yesterday a woman against the mistreatment of animals became an attempted killer because of not being paid for videos by YouTube.  

Even her family informed the police, they SNITCHED, they INFORMED and sadly that was not enough!  The police found her and in their judgement, she was not a risk to herself or others.

She is dead, others wounded and now a headline!

Then, there are men and women who want to wage violent jihad on the U.S.A. appear to be typical of America's home-grown wannabe terrorists inspired by al Qaeda's ideology.

Many are naturalized U.S. citizens who served in the Military, who converted to Islam in their early twenties. They pressure others to join them. Most homegrown jihadists are U.S. citizens, median age 27 and about 22 percent are Islam converts.

How do they get to a hatred level for a country that gave them a different life

style and a chance of success? They absorb their anger from watching jihadist videos on the Internet, reading the essays of al Qaeda communicators like the late Anwar al-Awlaki. They then believe that they can be the fighters within the videos and come to see themselves as warriors in an epic struggle, go off to shooting ranges, and pump each other up with the imagined heroic deeds they will carry out. Religion is a component but seldom is the key factor. Adventure, revenge, glory propel them down the path of terror. For many, the prospect of blowing things up is a solution to an unsatisfactory life. Terrorism does not attract the well-adjusted, thank goodness.

Al Qaeda has invested heavily in inspiring such men to act on this, thus far, only a tiny turnout has come over to this strange group of people. While the Internet enables the terrorist organization to reach a vast audience, in the United States it has produced few actual recruits. Sadly, it only takes one to get through, as in the case of the Boston Marathon attack.

In the more than 12 years since 9/11, about 200 plus individuals have provided support to al Qaeda or affiliated groups attempted to join jihadist fronts abroad, or plotted to carry out terrorist attacks in this county. All but three terrorist plots were interrupted by the authorities. Yes, the world is a safer place and the vigilance has paid off, both from the public safety side and the public themselves. More thought is required.

Complacency is, in fact, our worst enemy. We have to bring to the forefront the fact, people hate us. Not just Muslims, although the track record of terrorists being of that culture and religion is rather high. There are others and we need to raise the guard as individuals without becoming paranoid about the situation. Life must go on, otherwise, they have won.

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