Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Testicular Fortitude is Missing! I Am Not On My High Horse Yet!

Testicular Fortitude is Missing, 
Or Is It?

A couple of years, Ricky Gervais made more comments on the Golden Globes awards show about balls than Victoria Beckham talking about her Golden Balls husband David Beckham last night.

It reminded me of the major issues at hand and our need for serious attention.

Roman is not burning!  


Yes, the pungent smell is burning flesh and the odor is getting stronger and stronger.  When a nation is falling apart, the air pollution is only the start, at first you think it is nothing and the winds will blow it away.  After hours, days, weeks the smell is even worse to those that first notice it, to the others who have been in the smell, they do not even notice it.  It becomes part of daily life and it is naively ignored.  Yes, even today!

Misguided chumps cannot recognize the massive changes that are taking place.  Duped, taken advantage of and at whose expense? 

Their Own!  

Donald Trump is the US president you must accept that he is not a politician, but a logical businessman who is approaching in a very different manner.  

The politicians are the ones out of step!

When stuck in a revolving door of corruption and among self-serving individuals, who prey on the weak, you are oblivious to the situation.  It is a fact the people of the world as a whole, are gullible and afraid to speak out.  Those that do stand up and challenge are called radicals and too conservative. 

It is to do with balls!  I am not talking about March Madness or what you toss down a lane at a bowling alley.  It is the missing testicular fortitude that has driven us down this path of national failure, in fact, world failure.

When you are the Master, with the keys to Room of Information that has been collected and then the information is analyzed in real time, with the results available to all. What have you really got?

Sadly you and your team are the only ones reading the reports and seeing the historical, out of date facts, you begin to wonder what the heck is going on.

The trail of human sacrifice, pending failure, and ongoing disaster is in the world media headlines every day.  

The depth of Atmospheric Noise Collection, the noise of the streets, has allowed us to understand the massive unrest that is boiling in most cultures. Sadly it is being missed by those that have deep-seated agendas that have no consequence to the citizens of the world.  

Racism, poverty, entitlements, personal opinions, and trust, even from Presidents down.

Some, due to their DNA react in violent ways and means.  Their personal life is worth fighting for, not with words or ballot boxes, but with street-level violence that leaves a pool of blood that goes back centuries.  Why was this violence able to manifest at a faster rate?  

Social media, or should we call it, unsocial media, technology and a passion for doing right in their eyes.  They thumbed themselves to a revolution and take on the authoritarianism and dissatisfaction of the elected leadership.  

It continues today, that started with the Arab Spring which was basically the first to mix social technology and a revolution, flaring up and involving the people in their masses.  

This included the Anti-Coup Alliance in Egypt asking for a million man march against the military empowerment which is always the way they do things there.  

Last year, Tunisia had the second assassination of an opposition leader and is leading to unrest and raging on. Now Tunisia is in the spotlight again with attacks by ISIS. Places like Cambodia are rejecting election results and the dictator Robert Mugabe has gone.  

Russia has gone nuts and was threatening the USA.  On the other hand, Putin likes Donald Trump and Trump wants tariffs on the Chinese, even after his meeting with the Chinese.

Most of you have no idea of what is going on in the world and do not think it even affects you in any way, shape or form.  It does, more than you know!

We must protect our borders and know who is entering our space!  Extreme vetting of all must happen and will!

The Western World is also in turmoil and you just go on your daily way, thinking no government could do that to the people of the United States of America.  Say it isn't so, no US government would work against the people who elected them, would they?

The reason you have no understanding is simple, you are fearful that it is all true. 

Like a child during a thunder and lightning storm, you hide under the covers and think you are protected and it will all go away and be better in the morning.

Pure Bovine Slurry! 
(If you have no idea what that is, look it up on Google)

It is staring us all in the face!  The facts are in, the next event predictability is showing a disastrous outcome and you just go about your day, driving to work, seeing gas prices rise and rise, charge more to your credit cards and exist in your own little bubble, which is about to burst.

Remember how you stop a child from crying?  You distract them from the problem, a bump, scrape or a cut and they smile.  Why?  They trust you, that simple.

This is what government and especially in the U.S., Barack Obama, the former president and his cronies did.  

Yes, Phony Scandals, as Obama puts it, diversions to dupe you.  In fact, it is his, Obama’s scandals that have caused the decline of America.

Where is your testicular fortitude?  It is time to find it and find it now, all of you!

Otherwise, that part of your anatomy will be detached and it will not be pretty!

We are in the NOW and
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