Thursday, April 5, 2018

You Cannot Handle Your Edited Truths!

You Cannot Handle Your Edited Truths!

Jack Nicholson told we could not ‘handle the truth’.  We edit our own lives and miss out details that we believe are irrelevant.  They are not!

It is not lying or telling 'Pork Pies' (Lies), it is pure missing information.

It happens to us all, no matter how we believe it does not.  Laying out the facts and not judging ourselves or what others should or should not hear, is foolish.  Let others judge and listen, then discuss.

I personally just experienced and can tell you that it is the most hell-raising, mind-blowing agony of personal inner pain that can be imagined. In fact, tearful!  

Remember, real men, don’t cry!

Guess what?  They do!

Do not be an editor of your life, lay it out there as it is.  The results and outcome will be what they will be.  You cannot influence others decisions on the facts, it is up to them.

Just pray that it is what you both want…


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