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Is Your Castle Really That Safe? Hast Thou A Hacker In Thou Midst?

Is Your Castle Really That Safe?
Hast Thou A Hacker In Thou Midst?
By Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO, Tracometry Group of Companies.

You believe you are safe in your home from those Hackers, Phishers and Man in the Middle Brutal Attackers, you are NOT!

It is funny, most CEO’s and other management have been ignoring the Technology War, the Cyber Terrorists, thinking it can never happen to them and someone else will take care of the 0101010’s and the $$$$’s take care of themselves.  

Very wrong thought pattern!

We have foolishly still been using passwords to protect our inner most corporate and personal secrets.  You know, birthdays, 123456, #SS, children’s names or your lotto ticket #’s.  So easy to hack, crack and become lucky for a hacker!

We must be thinking DNA, yes making our devices, Desktop PC/Mac, Laptop, Tablet and all important, Smart Mobile Phone.  Your access to all information stored on servers and our computers will be your Device DNA

Sounds cool and far-fetched, right?

KEYTALK has already done it!  

Yep, they are soooo far way ahead of the
curve and protecting all data.  You, know, you worked hard for it, it is your company or you work for a great company and some slime ball is trying to steal what is rightful yours. 

When they do steal it, hacking into your computer systems, you will wonder what the heck happened and remember we told you can be protected, no matter what devices you have, whether they are your own or the companies. 

Yes, KEYTALK enables secure (BYOD), Bring Your Own Device in total!

Meanwhile, back to the castle!  Smart Home technology is not that safe!  It is as flimsy as corporate security regarding hacking, phishing and man in the middle attacks.

Starting at the lock on all of your exterior doors.  Electronic digital locks are becoming all the rage and the technology terrorists’ thank you for it!

The likes of ADT, AT&T, Comcast, Schlage, Nexia and other so called home security companies are selling you technology and mystifying you with WOW! 

Yes, it is wonderful that you can secure your castle/home:
  • lock the doors and windows
  • turn the air conditioning/heating thermostat up and down
  • turn the water thermostat hotter or off
  • switch the outside lights on
  • control the digital television
  • see on the cameras when the kids come home or dog or cat goes out to pee
  • look at the baby alarm/camera while the baby sitter is asleep on the couch
  • unlock your doors

Guess what?  So can the hackers!  They can know your every move and your life patterns.  Then, they come at their hearts content, robbing the hell out of you!

That is technology if you do not secure yourselves for the 21st century.

So Who Is Watching Whom?

KEYTALK can stop them dead in their tracks, stopping them coming across the moat to your castle, business and give you that piece of mind.  Not just for the family, but if you are a business, your clients and customers too!

A password is an insecure human element that is hands of the most accident prone individuals.  Forgotten, stolen and used over and over again for a myriad of reasons of access to more than one account.  Why?  It is because we are lazy and take short cuts and thieves like that!

Hackers and Phishers are look for turmoil, distractions and that low hanging fruit to attack and make your life a misery.

KEYTALK will stop that!  We lock the door and through away the key, well the demand to use a password that is.  Although a password can still be used, it is not really the key that will open the door.  It is the creation of a bomb-proof tube that connects end to end and all information now travels in a totally secure environment.

That Data in Motion is the most vulnerable as that unsecured open door allows in all types of miscreants with tools to take down your systems and spread harm to all you come in contact with via the Internet.  Remember we are all connected!

You can bring any device to KEYTALK, all are protected.  A user may have several devices, Desktop PC/Mac, Laptop, Tablet and Smart Mobile Phone, each and every one will have a secure connection.

When the device is trusted, a password is not needed anymore. KeyTalk takes a DNA from your device based on a minimum of 10 and up to 17 components. When the device is known a key, a (short lived certificate) is sent to your device automatically when needed, to complete the transaction or to stay on-line with your enterprise data transaction. With the certificate KeyTalk creates a 2 way SSL connection excluding the man in the middle attacks.

Many organizations use KeyTalk to connect to the device in just a few minutes and to the enterprise using a Single Sign On as a bonus.

Management and installation of the systems is simplistic.  When have a massive volume of users and devices, with KeyTalk corporate integrations are completed in a far shorter period compared with any other security change.

For more information email us, we will send you a link to see this in action.

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