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You Lock Your Doors, Keeping Your Keys Safe, What Has Happened Regarding Your Digital Information?

You Lock Your Doors, Keeping Your Keys Safe,
What Has Happened Regarding Your Digital Information?
By Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO, Tracometry Group of Companies.

By using a username and password opens the door for the uninvited to access your data, interfere with your transactions and or take over your identity.

Nobody seems to understand that using your log-in human credentials, like username and password, those two factors and or bio-metric authentication, you are the total opposite of secure!  Your data, transactions and or your Identity is at major risk to be stolen by hackers, phishers and man in the middle brutal attackers.

KeyTalk, fully understands that by using your log-in credentials they should prove who you are, but this is no guarantee. Phishers and hackers are challenging us to share these credentials, harassing us with fake emails, telephone marketing calls and other clever idea’s to get your very personal log-in details. Once collecting these details cyber-criminals will use and sell them and make your life extremely miserable.

KeyTalk recognized this dangerous vulnerability and developed a bullet resistant solution which is proprietary software and patented globally.

When using KeyTalk, if they steal your log-in credentials and attempt to gain access, they will not get authentication!  Your data, transactions and or identity is totally secure. In other words, your log-in and password are no longer important and therefore not critical anymore.

KeyTalk takes security to a whole different sphere and out of those human hands into the workings of our Desktop PC/Mac’s, Laptops, Tablets and Smart Mobile Phones. KeyTalk takes a combination of your devices components as they then become a unique DNA to identify the device first, before being authenticated and gaining access to your data, transactions and or enterprise.

With the device recognized, the bullet resistant connection is built between client and server. It is likened to a secure tube, which is solid and impenetrable.  Only after the connection is verified, than the transaction will occur.

The connection is built for a predefined period of time, seconds to hours, the Encrypted Keys for this transaction are totaled deleted afterwards. For any separate access a new dedicated and new encrypted key will be made available automatically. This way, the encrypted keys are not existing anymore and therefore not available for others with wrong defined criminal intentions.

No matter where you are, regardless of what type Internet connection or hotspots you are using, hotel or public hotspot, KeyTalk builds that bullet resistant tunnel between your device and the target server, bypassing all hardware obstacles like routers, bridges and firewalls to give a secure freeway to your data, transaction and or the connection.

Using KeyTalk, your own device (BYOD) can be connected to the enterprise relatively easily and simply by installing KeyTalk as a single sign-on secure connection, using KeyTalk’s patented temporary automatically distributed access encrypted keys. 

In short, KeyTalk gives your device, Desktop PC/Mac’s, Laptops, Tablets and Smart Mobile Phones or a combination, a temporary key to connect to your target. After the transaction or when the predefined access time is passed, the key will disappear, closing the connection. To reopen the connection, a new key is needed, which will be sent when the user will activate KeyTalk the next time and only on the device that is already known, approved and authentication is established, in relation to the planned connection.

No more human usernames and passwords on their own, they can still be used but have no bearing on the ability to connect.  Your users do not have to be informed of any change and continue in safety to use your now solidly secure data in motion system.

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