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So Who Has Your Corporate & Personal Dossier? The Data Brokers Are Selling Your Information Every Minute!

So Who Has Your Corporate & Personal Dossier?
The Data Brokers Are Selling Your Information Every Minute!
By Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO, Tracometry Group of Companies.

When you log on to the Internet, you have more followers watching every single move you make!  They are Data Brokers or Farmers who have built a dossier on you, that you will not believe.

There are thousands of firms watching every key stroke, website address and information you give willing to those sites you join.  Sharing you inner most personal secrets which are cataloged, categorized and SOLD!  

You will be stunned on what they know about you and being profited from by over a thousand so called Data Brokers.  

Your Internet behavior is so documented it will fright you, concern you and make you want to stop surfing the Internet or will it?
  • Buying Habits
  • Food Preferences
  • Drinking Habits
  • Health Issues
  • Sexuality and Preference
  • Geo Location and Tracking
  • Travel and Work Habits, including when you leave and return to and from work.

All being collected minute by minute that you are striking those keys.  Yes, your Click Stream is recorded and sold!

Every App you load on your Smart Mobile Phone is collecting information on YOU!  

From Angry Birds, Candy Crush, Weight Watchers, the Flash Light program are tracking your every move and action you do all day long.  Have you noticed that Smart Mobile Phone Apps update themselves far too often?  Some just update, collect their winnings, (your information) and then sell it.

It was stated on CBS’s 60 Minutes that this was the “Dark Side of American Life.”

We have seen more complaints about the NSA snooping on the public and these Data Brokers are not even mentioned.  They are by government, who believe there needs to be new rules and governance of this industry.

Are you happy that there are people collecting information on your business and personal habits?

You need to be PROACTIVE on securing what is yours!

That you can do with KEYTALK!

The Data Broker has been given permission to collect your information by YOU!  Everyone clicks and agrees to the terms and conditions, especially supposed productivity and games Apps.

Then we have the Hackers, Phishers and Man in the Middle Attackers!

You think you are protected by your personal password you are NOT!

A password is an insecure human element that is hands of the most accident prone individuals.  Forgotten, stolen and used over and over again for a myriad of reasons of access to more than one account.  Why?  It is because we are lazy and take short cuts and thieves like that!

Hackers and Phishers are look for turmoil, distractions and that low hanging fruit to attack and make your life a misery.

KEYTALK will stop that!  We lock the door and through away the key, well the demand to use a password that is.  Although a password can still be used, it is not really the key that will open the door.  It is the creation of a bomb-proof tube that connects end to end and all information now travels in a totally secure environment.

That environment includes Hotel and Public Hotspots.  Secure Public Wi-Fi at all times with KEYTALK.  That means all of your enterprise data in motion is traveling down that secure bomb-proof tube we create and maintain the necessary level of protection for all.

That Data in Motion is the most vulnerable as that unsecured open door allows in all types of miscreants with tools to take down your systems and spread harm to all you come in contact with via the Internet.  Remember we are all connected!

To explain and also inform, you can bring any device to KEYTALK, all are protected.  A user may have several devices, Desktop PC/Mac, Laptop, Tablet and Smart Mobile Phone, each and every one will have a secure connection.

When the device is trusted, a password is not needed anymore. KeyTalk takes a DNA from your device based on a minimum of 10 and up to 17 components. When the device is known a key, a (short lived certificate) is sent to your device automatically when needed, to complete the transaction or to stay on-line with your enterprise data transaction. With the certificate KeyTalk creates a 2 way SSL connection excluding the man in the middle attacks.

Many organizations use KeyTalk to connect to the device in just a few minutes and to the enterprise using a Single Sign On as a bonus.

Management and installation of the systems is simplistic.  When have a massive volume of users and devices, with KeyTalk corporate integrations are completed in a far shorter period compared with any other security change.

For more information email us, we will send you a link to see this in action.

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