Friday, December 9, 2016

Police Bullying, But Not What You Think!

Police Bullying,
But Not What You Think!
Nicholas Ashton CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

I remember going through my training in the mid nineteen sixties at the Metropolitan Police Training Center, Hendon, U.K.  

Was it discipline or pure bullying by the staff?  

We were there to be trained and whether it Sergeant Bill Bailey, Acting Sergeant “Piggy Bishop or Sergeant Williams, they were all hard as nails and gave you not one inch or leeway for understanding why you were there.

The first parade I remember well and standing to attention whilst Bailey walked behind us.  He stopped right behind me, I could feel his presence like standing too close to a fire.  He shouted these words,” I am hurting you Ashton”, to which I replied, “No Sir”.  He replied, “I should be, I am standing on your fu*king hair”!

The parade square sounded complete shock, a silent gasp of WTF!  I had the shortest hair of anyone, a close shave with a minuscule of stub above my nigh bald head.  The barber was a busy man the rest of that day and the days that followed.  Bailey had made his point at my expense and I have never forgotten it, forty plus years later.

In today’s police forces around the world, managerial/supervisory bullying is prevalent and a major cause of a depletion in staff.  Bullying cost law enforcement and corporations billions of invested dollars because of the cost to train staff.  Changing the attitude and initial induction is vitally important.

The selection process has to be as concise as can be, you are embarking on an investment in those people for the long term.  It has to be money well spent and amortized over the employed period. 

Is your management making the right decisions in the selection process?  Is it them that are making the wrong selections which cost you time, money and lost business?

Talent Acquisition is an art form and whilst you believe you are right, you could be wrong and too many times!  Plus, you have no guarantees!  

When you open your doors to us regarding Talent Acquisition, we have a success rate and a guarantee to succeed.  If not, the next hire process is on us!

We deal with people police officers, corporate leadership and with our decades of experience, we do not care what business you are in,  Small, Medium Enterprises (SMEs), it is all about processes, adaptability, and proven success. 

It is not just a top-down world, it is bottom up too!

Digest what we have said and then, if you feel we can assist you, give us a call.  
You deserve to be the best for the community your service and we can help…

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