Monday, December 5, 2016

Job Title Does Not Mean You Understand Or Are Suitable For A Leadership Role.

Job Title Does Not Mean You Understand
Or Are Suitable For A Leadership Role.
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group – Virtual Crime Center

Over and over again individuals are promoted beyond their means of understanding of management.  The hard skill set is always easy enough to train people on, but not as robotic machines, humans are not machines!

Just like a Formula 1 engine or a total sports team, it is all about the components and how they interact that is the key.
Look at this last F1 season and how the battle between Mercedes drivers on all levels played out.  Premiere British Football teams and their managers/coaches are integral in their areas of expertise, defense, goalkeeping, strikers, defenders and even the medical staff.

Within law enforcement, there are even more elements, as you are the protectors and serve as part of society.  You are the public as well, you reside within, educate your children, shop and share entertainment venues with all.  You serve and are not elitists or special in any way because you wear a uniform or badge.

That though is not the same real view from a portion of the community, you have become the target for government unrest or more to the point the target for any type of gripe the public may have.  Violent attacks globally have and are increasing daily.

You may ask why we have the police force.  To keep and maintain law and order and arrest offenders. 

Sir Robert Peel back in 1829 created a police force because society was becoming more complex as a result of the industrial revolution but also to avoid having to use the military to deal with civil disorder.

In both the USA & U.K. we pride ourselves on policing by consent that in our democracy that the police are constitutionally accountable to the laws of the land. 

Sadly, policing often operates in a hidden gray area where it enforces laws which many people disagree with and where certainly in the past culture turned a blind eye to some of the methods used by officers as long as they were taking criminals off the street.

Policing is a disciplined service and officers and required to obey lawful orders.   It is about training and the leadership qualities of the command.

This is not your father’s police force anymore and as we continue forward there are many questions of how police officers work among the community and if we continue in this manner of mistrust and certainly diminished respect it will not be our children’s police force or agency either!

CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risk Solutions Partner, believes strongly in the Nine Peelian Principles of 1829 with the addition of number ten, technology integration.

Leadership has to have tools to complete the tasks of today and boy, have they changed!  With depleted staffing and increasing crimes rates, the ability to investigate and solve have become long winded and failing our communities.

There are proven answers and you do not have to be a ‘rocket scientist’ or a 'computer geek', we have for the past 21 years perfected and continue to improve as new disruptive technologies get introduced, been using our analytic solutions with great success across North America within law enforcement.

You might have a Smartphone for communications improvement, we bring you even more to the palm of your hand, analytic tools that go anywhere with you and are always at hand, increasing officer safety.

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