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Police Box Chatter - Discernment at the Top...

Police Box Chatter
Discernment at the Top...
By Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group – Virtual Crime Center

The chatter of the corridors of policing power is focused on ethics and standards.  You would have thought in this morally obligated society we would not have to push, shove or cajole to stick to the standards set forth for policing of the public and police officers employed to uphold the laws of the land.


This last week policing met for their overview and awards, there was muffled twitter and open chatter that there are issues within the leadership of Britain’s policing hierarchy.

Oh my, elected commissioners, chief constables, and management not in agreement on ethics and standards, the foundation of the public’s trust is in disarray…

Are you not asking, demanding and enforcing the laws of the land on the public you serve and as individuals, part of?

If there is no consensus among elected and employed leadership?  How can we have any Trust or Respect in the job at hand by the public served?

Why are the Police Commissions of the United Kingdom so disunited?

Surely, the ethics and standards should follow the laws as they cross all boundaries, counties, cities, towns and villages, do they not?

If CommSmart Global Group was just a marketing company, we would not touch this subject with a ten-foot barge pole! 

Well, we did!

It is the understanding of the issues, the degradation of society and the lack of a cohesive leadership that has made us all as a team to show our concern and solutions that must and demanded to be addressed with revolvement.

To Bernard Rix, Editor, PolicingInsight, we stand with you, alongside you with the ability to address this major societal concern.  Policing management, especially elected Police Commissioners are not supporting police force officers, management or the public they serve and are part of!

Do not forget or ignore the strong and direct words of Sir Robert Peel:

“The Public are the Police and the Police are the People”

One of Peel’s Nine Peelian Principles of 1829, which stand firm today and can be given even more relevance with the addition of the tenth Peelian Principle, which includes Digital Policing technology and its exemplary usage over the last 21 years within North America.

As Alexandre Dumas wrote in the Three Musketeers:

“One for All, and All For One”

Those that will not adhere to the ethics and standards of policing and show this by not signing the agreement, you know the door you came in, then please exit in the same way… 

Lord Nelson, stated:

England Expects That Every Man Will Do His Duty

You have failed the electorate, meaning officers and public and are required to forfeit the post!

I will watch as all will…

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