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Is It Too Much To Ask For Quality Customer Service?

Is It Too Much To Ask For 
Quality Customer Service?
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group of Companies

If you receive bad service anywhere, complain!  Not just make mention, explain the failure and why you will never recommend or come back to their establishment.  By the way, see how they take logical criticism. 

If you do not tell someone at the establishment, then stop moaning as they may not know of the situation. 
You would think they should, but focusing on the most important aspect of any business, customer service is missed by the majority.  

It is not just about food, it is all retail establishments that need to improve. Hospitals, supermarkets, lawn care/garden centers and any business that interfaces with the general public, need to spruce up and change their customer service qualities.

I live in a small 17,000 population city and asked the other day about a downtown restaurant, the comment was direct and stunk! Smelly bathrooms, not just an odor more like an open sewer. I am not even going to attempt to go there and nostrilly sample the ambient air thank you very much...

I mentioned this to a city official who made the comment that the heart of a city is its first impressions.  If a business needs a lick of paint, a kick up the rear-end on presentation, improved customer service or to show interest in their investment, then do so.  

If not, get out of the business and sell!

A city, especially in a downtown area works on teamwork and presentation to attract collective customers and their business.  Right now it seems only a slight few are even trying. 

The town square has a prime example of someone who cares, at least on one corner.  Complacency does not work! 

Talk about investing in a difference!  House of Stones and the local Rotary Club paid for the creation of a carousel horse and it is now on display on the corner next to the House of Stones.  

New Philadelphia, Ohio is famous for a carousel.  Around 1940, they purchased the Herschell-Spillman carousel secondhand. It is a rare all-wooden carousel. It includes 36 carved wooden jumping horses, two chariots and 428 individual lights. The center panels are adorned with 14 original oil paintings. Music is provided by a Wurlitzer 153 band calliope. The carousel is 40 feet in diameter and weighs 10 tons. It was manufactured in 1928 by the Spillman Manufacturing Company of North Tonawanda, New York. The First Town Days, which includes a Grand Parade and fireworks display, runs on the weekend leading up to the Fourth of July.  

The park is open on the weekends and has a musical Summer Showcase each Sunday through September 4th, so come on down...

Oh, the concession stands at Tuscora Park will provide you with great drinks and food.  All with that smile and service that makes the difference.  Come try out the pool too!

There is a lot more happening on the downtown square, the corner is cleaned up, the benches painted and reflect the business and they are but one, who has gone out of the way to make a difference.  

Believe it or not, YOU can too!

It is not arrogance or 'I am special' to want to have quality customer service in a very polite and professional manner.  Bars and restaurants should go out of their way to make you welcome and have a thoroughly good experience in their establishment. 

Repeat business comes with quality of service which includes wait staff, bartenders, bus staff and host, if the service was abysmal, check them off your list after you have stated their faults to management.

So New Philadelphia, Ohio and any other city in the USA or globally, get your Customer Service Act Together...!

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