Friday, June 3, 2016

Ponderment for the Weekend - THEM & US...

Ponderment for the Weekend

THEM & US...

by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group of Companies

It has become a 'THEM & US' world:
  • the client against the salesman
  • sales manager against the salesman
  • manufacturing against inventory control
  • bank against lender
  • accounting against management
  • customer against customer service
  • CEO against management
  • teacher against pupil
  • elected official against electorate
  • prison guard against inmate
  • police officer against the community
Sound familiar?

This is what life has become, a series of disagreements, no one listening to the facts and all, jumping to conclusions!

Life never use to be like this and it had better change and change fast, back to what we laughingly called, normality.

The infighting has become downright dangerous and  handling it is with an authoritarian big stick is totally WRONG!

TRUST & DISRESPECT abound at all levels of society, which by the way, has even changed on a downward scale of 'bloody fast'!

You know you fit right in there and it is no good nodding your head or thinking of stop reading.  That is not going to make it go away.

What has happened to dialogue?  Are we not educated people?  Does hiding behind voice-mail, texts and emails really constitute to being a communicator?

Of course there is the requirement of people and crowd control.  It is not with a blanket big stick approach.  Instilling fear, or being the big bully that dressing in a menacing manner does not get you 'brownie points'.

It is with precise proven tactics which your 'frontline' has been meticulously trained for.  Not in public view until required!

It is still an individual world with absurd overtones of uneducated indoctrination.

There are natural rules and regulations for life to succeed.  Spent energy needs re-energizing, food, water, sleep etc.  Lies and misquotes must be replaced with trusted answers.  To do that you must trust those that are attempting to explain and not shout them out.

them and us

 used when describing disagreements or differences,especially between different social groups:If parents are encouraged to be involved in school, there is less chance of a them-and-us situation developing.The management has its own restaurant. - It's definitely a case of them and us.Political candidates using fact not fictionPublic safety not facing protesters in mencing riot gear and inciting the crowd
There is a far better approach to resolvement that does not end in firing an employee, bludgeoning a protesting crowd or indiscriminate pepper spraying and praying you hit the agitator.

It is about preparation on all fronts and having the right tools and trained personnel to complete the task.

Confrontation leads to more anarchy when you do not have the facts in front of you.  It is not THEM & US, it is about being precise in those seconds before you take action and not allowing the adrenaline drive you beyond the point of no return.

This can only happen if you have full understanding of how to deal with these situations.  Maybe you have got it wrong and thought you knew.  There is a time to step back and reflect that you do not know it all and others are here to educate and show you in a logical manner to improve situations.

That is us...

CommSmart Global Group of Companies has the proven solutions from counter terrorism tactics, protest/riot control, cybercrime, crime/predictive analytics, smart city implementation, and the Peelian Principles of Law Enforcement, called the Policeman's Bible.

We never look at you as 'THEM & US', we cohesively make the change at all levels from within, bringing back what society was and is all about!

Now back to your ponderment...


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