Wednesday, June 1, 2016

When Does SMART Really Mean SMART?

When Does SMART Really Mean SMART?
A Smart City Must Have Fiber Optic and an Innovation Team on All Levels For Success
by Nick Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group of Companies

A car that goes 250 m.p.h. is a dangerous weapon in dumb hands!  

It not just about speed!

It is about communications on all levels that can improve all.

Society believes it is better at communicating because we have accelerated our connections with the likes of social media.


It is not about speed and about how fast data travels, it is about what you utilize it for to improve your city.

Monetization of technology is key!  If the power company owns the Fiber Optic lines, then by bringing about a partnership to increase and commerce is a meritorious action.

More commerce, more energy is used and sold, bringing more revenues for all.

Using the new communications will highlight how a city center will be an attraction.  Digital advertising, secure public Wi-Fi, community understanding by advertising through 'Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity', far better VoIP (telephonic) communications and importantly connecting all of levels of society.

Making it easier for local retail to compete in this technology world and expand their horizons and their share of digital purchases.  Online shopping is growing at such a fast rate, we all need to get on board.

Improving that communications will enhance the coverage of such organizations as 'Crime Stoppers' and bring instant information on 'Missing' Children and Seniors'. 

With all this data at hand we must have far better analytics, including crime and predictability analysis for law enforcement.  No, not 'Big Brother', it is about the people.

Remember the 'People are the Police and Police are the People'!  (

So how SMART are YOU and YOUR Political Leadership?

A question not for ponderment... YOUR answers are required!


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